Wednesday, July 16, 2008


People I have some things to get off my chest, things that have just pissed me off lately, so here it goes...

Gripe #1A couple of weeks ago I was in McDonald's. It was about 3:00 PM and I just wanted to get something quick cause I was starving. So anyways, I get in line and there is a group of three ahead of me. Here's what got my blood boiling. 10 minutes I waited for them to decide what to eat at MCDONALD'S!! Who does not know what is on the menu at MCDONALD'S??? There are McDonald's everywhere in the world, EVERYWHERE! The thing that made me mad, was this was the second place it happened, I walked out of a Wendy's before going to the McDonald's. I walked out of Wendy's because a group could not decide on what to get! It's hamburgers or chicken people!!

Gripe #2
Being fat is not a handicap. I see overweight people everywhere in these scooters and it gets me. I saw tons of them at Disney World, but I think they were doing to get to the rides faster. I know they did not need the scooters because they couldn't drive them for anything. But it really pisses me off when people try to use their being overweight as a crutch! Now before anyone says anything, I understand that certain people have issues and they can't help their weight, so it is the other 95% I am referring too.

FYI, I am thinking about doing a video posting one time on the blog, but we'll see about that. Oh well, off to bed now. Big day in the morning, you might want to watch the news later on Thursday;) !!!

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