Monday, July 14, 2008

My Announcement!

Well I am going to cut right to the chase on this. Mrs. Memphis and I are expecting our third child in late January 09. We are very excited about this too, and yes it was on purpose! We began talking about possibly having a third back in January, but we decided to wait until after our ski trip, and thank the Lord, he wasn't wasting any time. My wife let me know around Father's Day. Memphis 1 and Memphis 2 are both excited about the new baby brother/sister that is on the way.

Now, Memphis 2 is 7 years old, so we are starting from the beginning again, I mean we do not even have a sippy cup anymore, and a lot of people think we are crazy for wanting another kid, and if that is the way any of you reading this feels, then keep that to yourself. We are excited about the new baby. This going to be a very lucky little boy/girl. He/she is going to have 2 of the best big brothers a child can have, and 2 parents that will love this child regardless!

Now I would love it to be a little girl, but there is something to having 3 boys! So either way, I can't wait to meet him/her in January!

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  1. Congratulations man! I guess this means that my prediction was spot on, huh?

    What do I win?


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