Monday, July 28, 2008

MightyMite Triathlon Report

Better late than never right? About 2 weeks ago I finished the MightyMite Triathlon in Forest City, AR. It was a point to point race, which means nothing is down and back. You drop off your running shoes, then drive on to the swim and bike transition.

600 yard Swim:
The swim was fun! FUN FUN FUN! I was in the second wave. I got in the middle of the pack (not on purpose) and there was a lot of bumping, pushing, grabbing and slapping. Now none of this is intentional, it is just part of the game. But I had a great swim, and I powered through a lot of people. I got in my pace and was able to really move. I was 11th out of the water in my age group and finished it in 9:32.

This transition area went horrible. I could not get my shirt on right, I could not get all my stuff bagged up, my bike gloves were inside just went bad. The total time here was 3:44. H O R R I B L E

13 mile bike:The bike seemed to go pretty good. It was a little hilly, with the exception of the one big hill at the beginning. When I hit the big hill, I got caught in the wrong gear and instead of risking popping my chain shifting, I had to bail off the bike and walk it up until I could get it in the right gear. The rest of the bike went well, I am still not averaging as much speed as I want (16.7 mph), but I am working on it. Total bike time for 13 miles: 46:20

T2:Went fine, racked my bike, changed shoes, grabbed my hat and race number and left.

3.1 mile Run:
Man was it hot! The run started weaving through the college there in Forest City and then headed to downtown. I really was determine to keep running to the turnaround point (mile 1.5) but it never came. I did not know this until that moment when I saw the Mile 2 marker. So I did walk some, but I also ran a lot of it. I got to a point where I could see the finish line so I was relieved...until I saw that you had to make a right hand turn, go two more blocks and then come through the finish line from the other side. But I did finish!~ Run time:32:10

Total time of the Triathlon- 1 hour 35 minutes and 6 seconds

I was very happy with my time. I still ended up 29 out of 32 in my age group, but I did better than my time goal, so I was thrilled. What did you do last Sat?

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