Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So what is Rock Shrimp?

First I have to give you some background to this entry. While in Florida, my father in law told me he wanted to go eat at a place called Dixie Crossroads in Titusville, Florida. We were heading to a wedding and it was on the way. He said that I had to have this shrimp called "Rock Shrimp". It is a broiled shrimp that tastes like lobster, so you dip it in a butter sauce in stead of cocktail sauce.

Rock shrimp derives its name from the rock-like hardness of its shell and can easily be mistaken for a miniature lobster tail.

The rock shrimp (Sicyonia brevirostris) is a deep-water cousin of pink, brown and white shrimps. But due to its hard shell, it did not have the large market and popularity as its cousins until a machine was invented that would split the tough shell and devein the shrimp.

Similar to deep-sea lobster, rock shrimp live, spawn and are harvested in 120 to 240 feet of water. Harvesting is done with reinforced trawl nets throughout the year.

This is probably the best shrimp I have ever had, and I had never heard of it before last week. It was fairly expensive and after about 2 hours, I was hungry again, but man, Charles Barkley would eat this shrimp!

(reference to his commercial with Dewayne Wade where Chuck says one of my wife's and mine favorite commercial lines! He says "and that's why I don't eat shrimp!")


  1. So, you want to pick some up for me for lunch today?

    Also, are these better or worse than crawfish?

  2. Also, still waiting for The Big News.


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