Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Check the April 18th post!



  1. First off, what a great picture!

    Second, can I say how much I love the "Gasol Stuffed" tag? I mean, at first I was kinda just having a laugh at the whole "making fun of/wishing bad things on Gasol" thing, but now I'm really starting to enjoy it!

    Third, April 18th...you had a vision and you put it in print. Kudos to you, good sir. I'm officially going with San Antonio in 2009. They can't do back-to-backs, but they do love the "skip a year in between" method.

  2. Yeah, I am really kind of glad we gave him away! Did you hear that we also lost Navarro back to Spain again? I wish it weren't so, but the Grizzlies are going to suck for awhile, so we can also make fun of the Spanish giraffe!

    P.S. I am doing this from my phone...how awesome am I?

  3. Yeah, I heard about JCN leaving. Signed a 5 year contract with FC Barcelona and he was already like 30, so he's not coming back. How weird that P-Gas pushed so hard for him to be brought in, then he gets traded. I bet those months after P-Gas left town were fun for JCN!

    Well, now we can concentrate on M-Gas (Marc Gasol). The second coming...of Pau. Maybe he'll turn out to be awesome. The funniest thing would be if the Lakers traded Gasol to some deadbeat team for their draft pick. He'd end up in like Milwaukee or Charlotte. Now that would be funny!

    What phone did you get...Blackberry I'm assuming!


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