Monday, June 16, 2008

Dragonfly Race Report

Well my 3rd triathlon of the season is in the books and I feel really good about it. I really enjoyed the swim part of it the most, how weird is that? All the bumping and shoving, slapping, grabbing and just powering through everyone was great! I was able to swim the entire 800 yards freestyle with no backstroking, so it was a major win for me.

I really wanted to finish in 2 hours and I accomplished that goal. I finished 23rd out of 26 in my age group (139 overall); however there were 4 other people within a second of my time! So that one little let up cost me about 4 spots! Also I am finding that I am in a very competitive age group. There were only a time difference of 32 minutes from the first place to the last place. So I know I need to average more speed on my bike and work on my transition to the run, cause that is an area I need to focus more on. So I know I am looking at more brick workouts.

My next triathlon is July 19. The Mighty Mite, which consists of a 1/3 mile swim , 13 mile bike and a 3 mile run. I am looking to kill the swim and the bike!

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