Saturday, May 10, 2008

He Could Go All The Way...

Well folks, I have to blog about this. This was a proud day for Mrs. Memphis and myself. It will be a day that I will never, ever forget! Today my son had a flag football game, not just any game, a playoff game. He played really well this morning and I am going to share one play in particular! Even though his team lost, I am still very proud of him.

My son has been playing flag football for two years. He played last year, but the game never really clicked for him until the next to last game of the season. So we were really looking forward to this season. So anyways, on to the play!

So here is the scene, my son's team is playing defense and the other team has this one little kid on it that is really good and deceivingly fast. He has been hurting us all game. So they line up in formation and snap the ball. The QB takes a few steps back and reaches back to fling the football, everyone on our sideline is yelling "PASS PASS". Memphis JR (name changed to protect the innocent) started to run after the QB until he realized it was going to be a pass and suddenly dropped back into coverage. He immediately found the little player that had hurt us and headed for him, yet keeping his eye on the QB.

The QB throws a pass with all his strength, which resembles a wounded duck. Memphis JR quickly runs in front of the receiver and intercepts the pass and then takes off. Everyone is in "hot pursuit" of JR. He never turns around, just takes off, At first, it looked like the QB might have an angle on him, but nope, he turns on the jets!

Now, Mrs. Memphis and myself are both running down the sidelines chasing Memphis JR as he goes rumblin down the field. We were screaming the entire length of the field, running over anyone that sat too close to the sidelines. The 20, 10, 5, TOUCHDOWN!!! That's right, he took it to the house! (Means he scored a touchdown for all you non sports people). It was a beautiful sight to see and one that I will never forget, but it gets better...

After he scored, and this is getting to a more serious father/son thing here, so deal with it. Memphis JR came running over to me, standing on the sidelines with the ball still in his hands. I was cheering him on, clapping and doing all that a proud daddy would do when I noticed he was crying. He handed me the ball and I asked him why he was crying, and he simply said "I am just so happy!"

Now maybe I am the only one that thought this, but after the game I was on cloud nine, not because he made a touchdown or not because of the interception, but because after scoring, he ran right over to me, not the coach, not his teammates, but to his old man! That meant more to me than any athletic success he could ever have, and that is why I will never forget that moment!

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