Friday, April 11, 2008

I Asked Vic!

Many of you may not know this, but I am a fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars. I am mainly a fan of them because they drafted our former Razorback QB Matt Jones. He was drafted as a receiver and it has been interesting to watch him try to develop into an NFL receiver.

On this site, (, they have a senior writer by the name of Vic Ketchamn. He has been with the Jags for a long time and he knows a lot about football. He really writes about the team and players from a reporters view and not necessarily a fans view, which can be good at times. Anyways, Vic has a daily column that allows the readers to submit questions to him, and he answers them. I have asked a few questions, but never really got answered on the website, or the main screen as I like to call it... until April 11, 2008 BABBYYYY!! That's right!

So anyways, if you are here, then you know I am very fond of the Nike commercial talking about "my better is better than your better". So I thought I would ask Vic a question, and YES I made it to the main screen baby!

XXXXXX from Memphis, TN
Is your better better than my better?

Vic: I truly hate that commercial.

Now this was a shocking answer. How can he, not just hate, but truly hate this commercial? Surely he was exaggerating for the other readers. This is the best commercial on the airwaves currently! And he hates, excuse me, truly hates it??? Must be a generation gap or something, or maybe he doesn't like french toast! Well Vic, guess what, I like it, I truly like it!



  1. Main screen turn on!

    Nice work, Memphis! So, now that you've been officially published, what is your next project?

  2. My next project? Hmmmm, not sure, this will be very hard to top I think! I will probably just drift back to being a regular ol blogger wanna-be. I will go back to my no name self! Being in the spotlight is very tough, know what am I sayin???


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