Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I am Memphis's foot...

Today I had an appointment with my Podiatrist (foot doc). See, about two years ago I started getting pain in my foot just under my toes when I ran, so much pain that it interrupted my runs. Well, finally after both feet began to hurt, I went to the Podiatrist and got examined. The doc said I had a Morton's Neuroma in both of my feet. See the picture above. Now basically Morton's Neuroma is an enlarged nerve that usually occurs between the third and fourth toes. Every step adds pressure which squeezes the threadlike nerve and enlarges it to the size of a pencil lead, as was my case.

Today I went back to the doc because the feet began hurting again and I have put to much time in for these triathlons that I plan on doing to let any pain stop me. The doc gave me three options: A. Surgery (Dude,not now), B. Injections of alcohol to kill the nerve (6 shots in the foot for 12 weeks-uh-uh), C. Corticosteroid shots between my toes. Not real good options you say huh? So this pictures shows you where the shots go...

Dude, it hurt. (I did not cry). They sprayed some liquid nitrogen to freeze my foot, then the needle went in my foot. Then doc said "Here comes the sting!" Thanks doc, I didn't want to miss the burn of Corticosteroid shooting through my foot. The burn shot up both my 3rd and 4th toes like you would not believe! So when he finally got done, he did the other foot! It felt like the needle went through my feet and I swear I felt the corticosteroid oozing down the bottom of my foot.

I hobbled around most of the day, but I know my feet will feel so much better, that I guarantee, I will be as fast as mercury in a bottle soon again!


  1. No one is as fast as mercuryinabottle...unless they are offering those alcohol injections at other places besides the feet!

    So, how long do you have to get the shots for? Until it stops hurting or until you can get time for surgery?

    Either way it kinda sucks, but hey, at least you didnt cry! I've always been one of those people that, when something starts hurting, I can just totally give it up and quit really easily. You should look into it!

  2. The last round of shots kept me pain free for almost 8 months, but the doc is concerned that after awhile the shots will not be effective after so many doses. So, I will most likely get the surgery after all my triathklons are finished (think the last one I have scheduled is in Oct). The surgery will have the doc cut the nerve out! So there will be one less nerve for people to get on!

    AS far as quitting, Dude, I have been working for this season since October! 7 months of getting in shape for this summer, so I can;t stop, I refuse to stop, cause I got a list of demands written on the palm of my hand...

  3. Please don't underestimate Matt's skill of giving up really easily. It took him YEARS to develop it to the level it's at today!


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