Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hitting the Wall!

Have you ever had one of those days where you did not want to workout and tried to get out of working out, yet you went anyways and had the best workout of your week??

Well this morning I had one of those mornings, except I had the worst workout in a long time. I mean a stop in the water, towel off and go home kind of worst workout! It started good, was doing good on my times, I had the pool to myself, but I just hit that wall. Most of the time when I get that feeling while running, I am too far out to just stop, so I have to push through it. Today I just didn't have it.

I have been hitting it hard with swimming, running and strength training and it has taken its toll, so I am laying off of doing anything for a few days. Letting the bod regroup!

Monday is my 1st mini Tri of the upcoming season. I am pretty excited. I am looking to do the swim (500 Yards) in under 10 minutes. The bike is 8 miles and I have no idea how long it should take, especially on a stationary bike, but I am thinking 25-30 minutes. a 2 mile run should take about 16-17 minutes on a treadmill. So overall I am hoping to finish in an hour.

I will post the results and let you know.

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