Monday, February 4, 2008

11 Years

Friday (Feb 1) made it 11 years. If you totaled everything up, it would be 17 years, but officially we recognize 11. I am referring to my wedding anniversary. My wife and I dated for 6 years so that is where the 17 comes from.

So how did we celebrate the beginning of year 11??? Well we got up and both took the kids to school, then we swam! (Romantic you say, well it gets better!) Next after going to work, I came home around noon and picked up my sife and took her to the accountants office to get our taxes done!!! (Sorry ladies, I am taken!) After seeing the taxman, I went back to work and my beautiful wife of 11 years then went to the grocery store!!!!

No seriously, my bride and i got a babysitter to watch the boys and the we went out and had a great dinner and then I took her to a movie, of her choice (I wanted Rambo, but I lost), so we went to a chick flick called "P.S. I Love You" It was not really my cup of tea, but the wife enjoyed it and I enjoyed our night out.

11 Years used to seem like a long time, but it is such a short amount of time really. And to know where we were 11 years ago vs. today is simply amazing! She has stayed with me through some rough times, but all in all, in 11 years, we have really been blessed. I am proud to say I am married to my wife, she is an intelligent, beautiful, talented, sexy woman and I love her.

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