Monday, February 4, 2008

Makes ya Wanna Dance!

January Totals:
Ran 18.85 miles
Swam 10.17 miles


  1. Memphis,

    I know I'm run of the "time-based" people as far as running is concerned, but how do you keep up with distance run?

    Do you plot out the distance in your car, then run that route, or do you have one of those little pedometers?

    The reason I ask is because I've tried both methods and have yet to find a foolproof solution. Here's hoping you have a good answer!

    Also, just out of curiosity, how do you keep track of swimming distances?

  2. As far as the pool distance, I swim at Bartlett Rec, and it is a 25 yd pool one way, so I know every lap is 50 yards. On each lane they have lane dividers which have discs on them which you can keep track of the distance. I do 30 laps every morning which equates to 1500 yards.

    On the running portion, I do map out my routes on There is a section on that site where you can click routes, from there you go to a Google map and you can plot your points down streets around lakes or wherever you feel like running. You also click on the distance markers tab and it will show you where 1 mile is, and the 2nd mile is and so forth. (It is really cool, cause you can switch it to a satellite mode and see the streets and houses).


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