Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Time to Shut it Down

How do you know when something has exceeded its need? What I mean is this, how long to do you continue with something before hanging it up and realizing that you are doing more harm than good? I ask this because I took a stroll to the NBBCOF blog the other day. The same people are still complaining, but what struck me as comical was that there was mention of them changing the name. But quickly it was stated that "this blog is way past BBC. (Sorry BBC members, but the world does not begin and end with BBC) Instead this blog has evolved into deep discussion about situations that matter to all of us. Organized religion needs an overhaul...back to God and Godly principles." So what deep discussions have they come up with since this statement was made? Huckabee signs along the side of the road in front of the Church..(deep stuff there) A blow by blow tearing down of a sermon preached by Brother Steve an a Sunday night (this blog is way past Bellevue) and to top it off, a deep discussion about a video some interns made. Wow, that is deep!

I used to think that the NBBCOF blog had a place in all that was going on inside and around BBC, but now I honestly think that it should go away, there is nothing positive happening there anymore. I tried to post that I agreed with them that they should not change the name, but now my posts do not get posted! Voicing concerns are one thing, but nit-picking is another. Especially if you really have moved to another Church and found a place where you say you are happy and being fed, then enjoy it. Quit worrying about things you have no control over.

Yes I thought the Interns video was funny, and I laughed. I did not find it disrespectful to anyone personally. Me and my wife enjoyed it and found it funny, but not disrespectful. So for someone to call out these interns and say they need to repent, and my favorite line was this: " all this leads to a mindset where church is the last place they want to be... a whole bunch of stuffy old people, with too many rules, upturned noses, and no fun... "Let me remind you that those "rules" you refer to are straight from the Bible...", but what about the "rules" about dealing with bitterness and having a sharp tongue? Do those not apply to anyone? Well not the group on the NBCCOF.

I must say that while I miss the ideas on the Bratton Report, I can appreciate the maturity and wise decision he made of closing down his blog for awhile (I Hope). Someone realized that nothing good was coming out of something and did something about it. I hope others learn from his actions.

Edited to add: I would say these comments on the blog, but it appears I am banned, which kinda makes me feel all proud!


  1. I have been banned for a while too, and honestly I don't know why! Oh well, we are part of a very special (but very large) club!

    I agree that Mike's choice was the best one even if I do miss some of my bloggy friends. But there are more people I am so glad not to have to deal with that I think it is a fair exchange.

    And to act like all the "rules" we have are just from the Bible is ridiculous. The Bible didn't speak about a lot of things and we have to infer from the things it did talk about. I am pretty sure that the Bible doesn't lay out that we can't hold Baby Showers at the church, even if it is all people from our class or that you have to have a beeper or ticket to pick up your child.

  2. My main thing about the rules she spoke of was that do not seem to apply to anyone else. The scriptures about bitterness, and controling your tongue and words, none of that seems to register with her.


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