Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Torn Meniscus

So as you know I have been training for a 70.3 in October and also been in a basketball league on Thursday nights. Well, they are both on hold as of now. I did not have a good week 2 of training and let me tell you why:

Monday night I go to hop on Stella for my ride and as soon as I get on, I notice my chain is in the small ring up front, so I hit my lever to adjust the derailleur and pop!  My cable blows out and my lever does absolutely nothing.  I have never seen a cable blow out before, and I did not want to do anything more to my bike, so I called the ride and figured I could just miss the 9 miler. I took Stella to the bike shop and ordered the repairs which will take about a week, so I figure I always need to work on my run, so I can change it up and still not lose to much right?

So come Thursday night, game night! We play ball (and lost) but had a great time, but towards the end of the game, my right knee was hurting. Hurting me enough to pull myself out and sit down, and then have trouble getting to my car. I did not remember hearing or feeling it pop or anything that would alert me to an injury, but it felt off, and was a little swollen that night. Friday morning I got up and went to work and my knee was still feeling tight and sore. So when I got home, I went to put on some shorts and saw my knee and it wasn't good. I snapped a picture for you to see.

 Look at the size of that right knee!  I know something wasn't right, so I told my wife that I think I needed to go get it checked out. So Saturday morning, we left for our running group that we lead (No, I did not run on that knee) and then we went to Campbell Clinic to figure this out.

After a decent wait, I got to see the doctor and they took x-rays and did his evaluation on my knee and the diagnosis is that I have an old man's knee (his words). basically I have a degenerative tear of the meniscus in my right knee. It is most likely aggravated form the start and stopping of playing basketball. I was given a knee brace, some steroids and direction to stay off of it for about 2 weeks.

This really puts me behind on training for a half in October, so I am unsure if this will happen or not. It would mean that my training would be cut down to 10 weeks for a 70.3 and I am not sure how I feel about that, and that is assuming I am cleared and ready to go on my next visit. So I have time to decide and I hope I can get going again in July and see how things progress in July and August.

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