Monday, April 25, 2016

It's Time to Get it Back....

This picture was taken as me and my bride finished the Warrior Dash in Mississippi. It was 4 years ago. We had a really great time doing this race, but as I look at this picture, I think to myself...what happened to me?

I mean for one, look at that left quad muscle! My legs were so lean and cut back then, and four years ago I was 40 years old! So yeah, I was quite proud of that muscle.

And I want it back!

Not really sure how it happened, but I went from die hard triathlete, to a "well I still could if I wanted to" triathlete, to a dude that has trouble getting out the door.

(As I sit here sipping a Dr. Pepper and eating sour gummy worms, that should give me a clue right?)

It is so weird how you can want something in your mind so clear, but yet you have so much trouble getting out there physically. I am reluctant now to even say I did an Ironman because it seems so long ago, and I am not referring about time, but a long time ago from where I am now. I literally feel like I am almost starting over.

And that is why it will be so glorious when I finish my next 70.3 in October. I think I have finally gotten the bug again. I am not sure if it is the warmer weather, the fact I weighed in at 199lbs the other day or what, but I can honestly say that I want to start training again and getting back into shape like pictured above. I won't expect it overnight and it will take some time, but I am going to get back where I should be. I am also going to be updating this blog more often, I really think that helps, documenting it all and everything.

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