Monday, March 28, 2016

12 Truths About Running...

I recently read an article entitled 21 secrets runners won't tell you, and it was pretty interesting. But I do not think it went far enough, so I will elaborate on a few of them. I am not going through all 21 secrets, but here is my 2 cents...

1. Running rotates around your pooping schedule. This is so true that it made me laugh, Nothing makes me go to the bathroom more than saying the words, "I think I am going for a run" I need at least 20 minutes to "prep" for that run because there is nothing worse than running and having to poop, except maybe biking.

2. Shoes do matter.  Wholeheartedly agree with this one. My feet take a beating from running and I like a comfortable shoe. I bet I spend more on my running shoes that I do for dress shoes!

3. You can lose half your weekend to long runs. Yeah, the weekend used to mean a time of sleeping in, but when training it is more of a scheduling conflict that you can imagine. You have to determine how early you have to get up to get your run in so that it doesn't mess up your weekend time with kids and family!  It's a scheduling nightmare, which usually involves this question to my wife, "So when would be a good time for me to run?"

4. Running is boring. Yes it is, even with headphones. I have always told people that running is a mental thing. Usually if I am honest, the most fun part of my run is the last mile or so. I do think it is fun to run in the rain, but only if it starts raining during the run, and I like trail running once in awhile, but soon it all comes back to running. This especially applies to the long runs.

5. You always feel great post run, but the runner high is pretty elusive.  I can't say that I have gotten that "runners high" euphoria many times. I am not even sure how to describe it. I rarely run into my driveway high fiving my kids after a run and find I am enlightened. I normally want to shower and eat...everything.

6. Even if you run long distances, the first mile is still tough. Every run I do, every run, I have to tell myself to get through mile 1. I make no decisions about that run until I am through that first mile. You see, my body lies to me, and especially my brain. Many time the first mile feels like mile 10, and I am usually trying to talk myself out of stopping and going home.

7. Losing a toenail is a possibility. Happens to me every marathon I run, never during training for the marathon, just the race itself. Go figure!

8. Your running clothes will smell like death, but for some reason, my cat like to roll around on my clothes like its catnip. It is truly a gross sight. I think sometimes I should just walk right into the shower with clothes to try and contain the smell.

9. You get extremely specific about your running conditions and the smallest annoyance can ruin a run. Mine is this, it bugs me when I am listening to my headphones and the cord does not run down the middle of my chest. I like to run the headphone cord down my shirt, and if I feel it more on one side than the other, it drives me crazy!

10. Gu and chomps don't really taste that bad, but it is not that great either! Every SWAG bag I have ever gotten that has Gu in it has the experimental flavor that was an obvious screw-up that no one wants! (banana, orange, espresso, etc...)

11. We spend way to much money trying to figure out a way to carry fluid. I hate handheld water bottles and I hate running carrying anything, but I guarantee you I could find at least three hand held water devices in my house right now without breaking a sweat. I finally got to where I was dropping off water along my route just so I wasn't carrying it.

12. We are obsessed with Garmin. Why would we not be is a better question? That thing is awesome. I admit that sometimes I get a little geeky when it comes to that data, but there have been times when I don't want to run anymore because I forgot to charge my Garmin. To be honest, I don't even use all the information it gathers!

So which ones apply to you, or are there ones I forgot????

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