Wednesday, December 30, 2015

If I Did Not Know Any Better...

I know it has been awhile since I last blogged, and I have always had good intentions on maintaining this blog, but since this blog is about training for triathlons, and since there has been little to zero training going on, I really have had nothing to blog about. So I haven't blogged.


  • Last week I made a wish list of races I might be interested in doing in 2016. The main one I will always do, even if it is only for fun will be the Memphis in May Sprint triathlon in May, but as I was thinking about that race, other races caught my eye.
  • I also signed me and wife up for a cross country winter race series that starts soon. It consists of a 3K, a 5K, and 8K and a 10K. Already registered.
  • I did work up a training plan for the MIM sprint that I will start on Jan 4th. Since it is only a sprint race, it is totally doable in the mornings or afternoons and will allow me to stay in the weight room some.
  • I did order new running shoes.
  • I also found some old pictures of me racing that I actually liked and I want to look like I did back then...
Sharpshooter Triathlon

So if I did not know any better, I'd say I am on my way back!!!


  1. Welcome back!
    Nothing like a little time off to put the fire back in you.

    1. Thanks I took a nice long break and I still feel like the guy that just finished his 140.6, but I know I am not that guy, so it will be a journey back!

  2. Welcome back! My blog has been very neglected as well :)

    1. It was hard for me to blog about fitness when you don't do anything "fit" worthy!


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