Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I Knew This Would Happen...

Saturday afternoon, the Ironman World Championship aired on NBC. I did not watch it live, but I did record it. And I knew exactly what would happen once I watched on Sunday afternoon. I knew I would be thinking about Ironman again.

So I ask myself, Am I that easily swayed? Can a simple TV show fire me up that much?

Simple answer: YES!

I always love watching this presentation and I love the way the narrator builds each athlete up talking about how each athlete has their own personal reason for doing this race. I like that. And its true. I love watching the beginning of the swim and I remember how I felt wading in the water waiting for the gun to fire. I love seeing the riders flying down the road (much like I was not doing), but I felt like it, and I envisioned my run looking exactly like the pros ran. Effortlessly. It's funny the way we can look back at one of the most painful days of our lives and still smile and sigh.

So yeah, this show got me thinking about getting back. I only raced one triathlon in 2015.I did some run races and Ragnar, but only one sprint triathlon. So that will change in 2016.

While I am not sure about committing to a full 140.6, I do have my eye set on a 70.3 down in Bama! I have been wanting to do this race for a couple of years and I am thinking a 70.3 is perfect. (It's funny how 70.3 miles does not seem that far anymore)

I have been hitting the gym, swimming and running short distances already, and I am starting to feel really good. My wrists are not as big an issue anymore and I have some other physical issues that I feel I am turning the corner on, so it is a definitely possibility.

P.S I am doing No shave November right now, so there will be pictures to come!


  1. Sounds awesome! Having a goal in mind makes training more fun and meaningful! I'm floundering right now--gotta get a goal for myself!

    1. With this it is like a goal I am not sure I want to do but I do want to do...make sense? I mean I am not sure I want to put in the time it takes but I want to race it...

  2. I only did 2 sprints last year. It was definitely not a very good triathlon year. I'm working on strength building at the moment to see how that translates....if I'm suddenly super awesome next year maybe I'll train for something bigger. Good luck!


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