Friday, July 17, 2015

It's The Right Time...

How I feel once I am done with a morning run...
I like to think that I am a strategic type of guy. A planner if you will. I feel great when I have my day planned out and I know what is going to happen and what I am going to get accomplished, however, I would not consider my self so much of a planner as to where I am not adaptable and can change on a whim and still get what I need to get done. I like to think that anyways...

But I am not when it comes to my workouts.

I am an early morning workout type of guy. Always will be. Afternoon or evening workouts just never "work out" for me. (Did you see how that worked out? I did it again!) Many a morning when I wake up, I just don't want to run, or swim, or bike. Some of those mornings I will talk myself into changing my plan and I will plan on leaving work a little early and then workout. I go so far as to pack my backpack with running clothes even. I plan my lunch around it because although I LOVE Taco Bell, its not good for me to eat tacos for lunch and then run later. So my mindset and intentions are always good and strong.

But it never fails. Life happens. Work happens.

It seems like every time I verbally tell someone I am going to try and get out early from work, something happens. Or there is something at home that I forgot about or that pops up during the day. I should have learned this by now, but yet I always resort to talking myself into doing it later that afternoon. So No more!  I am saying no to skipping morning workouts and I am just going to start telling myself that if I do not get up, it most likely ain't gonna happen!

So I need to remember why I like to get up in the morning and get it done.
  1. No cell phone calls from work or anyone early in the morning
  2. It's not as hot
  3. I feel more productive throughout the day
  4. It's not as hot
  5. Does not interrupt family time since they are all still sleeping
  6. I feel like a more dedicated athlete
  7. I can then tell all my friends how dedicated I am and how they aren't
  8. I can eat Taco Bell for lunch
  9. Less traffic on the streets
  10. I sleep better knowing I got up early, ran and worked all day

That list took me less than a minute to come up with, so it's a no brainer right?

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  1. I'm with you! It if doesn't happen in the morning, it just doesn't happen!


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