Thursday, September 25, 2014

I'm Retiring...

I kind of expected this day to come sooner or later, but I really had hoped it would be much later. Regardless of the timing of this post, I can say that the accomplishments have been many. I remember when I first got into this sport many years ago. I really just got into it for the challenge of it, you know, I thought it would be fun, but nothing to stick with, I just wanted to see if I could do it. Well, I did.

And I was hooked.

Yeah, it looked good on me!
I at no time had any dreams of going past a sprint triathlon, but who knew Ironman was in the future? Or half marathons, marathon or even that 50K! It was a good ride and I far exceeded any expectations, but the time has come to favorite visor. (you didn't think I meant me did you?)

My white ADIDAS visor was with me from the beginning. I have no idea where I got this visor, it has just always kind of been there. I have worn it through the hot Memphis heat and in the cool rains. I have worn it under a skull cap. It was my visor, there are many like it, but that one was mine.

Like all good things, it was beginning to wear out. The Velcro in the back is giving away, and it flops around hitting me in the back of the head with every step, and although I desperately wanted to hang on to it, it kind of buggs the crap out of me while I was running. So I just can't handle it anymore!!!!

It looked real good....

So I bid you farewell my friend!  Don't cry and don't be sad, I probably will not forget you, but I might, cause after all, you are just a visor! So I am retiring you white, sweat stained, non velcroing velcro ADIDAS visor.


  1. What is it about our gear that we can't part with them? I go through running shoes about every 4-5 months, and I can't bring myself to get rid of them even when they have maxed out their mileage! Hence, dozens of pairs still hanging around, though not in the active shoe rotation. Funny how that is with us!

  2. Ha! I will admit you had me sucked in for a little while there!!

    Just staying on topic...I still have a couple of my old hats...tied up in a plastic bag banned (by the wife) from public view....but I still have them!!

  3. I'm sure they don't make visors like that anymore. I had a perfect Budweiser bucket hat once - I've been looking for the replacement for >30 years :(


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