Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Flabby Armed Spanking Machine...

I feel ya K-Man!

I have to admit, it is tougher and tougher to get to the pool these days and to get a single lane because there is more and more going on! Swimming lessons are starting and swim team is happening all the time, I used to be able to expect my own lane at the pool, but it is no guarantee any more.

I know part of the issue is this. I am not getting up as early to swim as I was when I was training for Ironman. Swimming a max distance of 1500 yards is so much easier to work in than say 4000 yds! So I have been enjoying my sheets alot more than in the past. It seems that during the school year, I always have a lane to myself on the morning. Now that it is summer time, they have the younger swim team practice in the morning and the older swim team practice in the afternoon (after work), and nothing sucks quite as bad as getting hosed by a 10 yr old in the pool. I try to tell myself "he's resting after every lap", but in all honesty, he is probably swimming alot more laps than I am. Then I tell myself that I would totally whoop him in open water, which may or may not be true (I know I'd get that little sucker on the bike though)

I have tried going during lunch, but then you battle swimming lessons. Now the swimmers don't take up a lot of lanes, but the parents all sitting around the pool kinda weird me out. They sit there reading magazines or something and in walks a 40 something year old dude to swim. Kinda weird...

But the worst group are the people I affectionately call the "floaters". You know these people right? About 70 years old, bathing suit from the 60s and they hog an entire lane floating along going the speed of melted cheese?? God Bless them for exercising, but c'mon man! Then you have the old lady group that does the water aerobics who want to complain about the water temperature everyday. Again, Bless them for getting some exercise, but do they have to act like they own the pool?

I guess I should be grateful that my workouts are shorter and do not take me as long to do, but I sure do not remember these issues last season.


  1. HaHA! This is so my swim training lately! I actually had a "floater" complain to the life guard that I was splashing her as I did my kick drills in the lane next to her. All I could say to her was, "You realize you are in a pool, full of WATER, and getting WET is a risk, right?"

    1. I admit that when I see someone waiting for a lane, I will start doing flip doing turns in hopes that they will choose another lane to share.

  2. That is a terrific video. Thanks for sharing. I'm super lucky at the moment with my masters group. I'm feeling lucky. I have to keep reminding myself or else I might lose my early morning swimming mojo.

    1. Our Master's Group kind of fell apart so I donlt have that anymore. Enjoy the group!


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