Monday, April 7, 2014

What Have I Been up To???

Well, it has been about two weeks since I last posted on my blog, so I thought I would go all random on you guys and let you know what I have been doing these past two weeks! So what has kept me so busy?

Work- Work has been extremely busy as it always is with warmer temps. More people are out and more people wanna steal things, and with the added districts in Nashville, my days have been full.

Planks- I have been a planking fool lately. It is such a great core workout and I am really seeing some good results/ I hit a 5:05 plank the other day, my longest planking time yet, but I am not finished, I am shooting for 7 or 8, maybe 10 minutes before I am through!

I know, pretty awesome right? Think I can go 10 minutes????

Skiing- Yes, the family and I traveled to Snowmass, Colorado for a few days of skiing. The wife and I skied while my older boys tried their hands at snowboarding and even my little guy went to ski school. We had an awesome trip and some great weather, except for the drive to Snowmass. It is now one of my favorite places to go skiing!

My wife, Me and we think it is our oldest son on top of Long Shot, 12,000 ft up

Doctors- My end of the year with my benefits came up in April, so I had to go get everything checked out while I had already met my deductible! So I hit the regular doctor, the eye doctor and a new chiropractor. I am doing well physically, but I am going to see a new chiro guy and I am going to have to get some readers (glasses) for reading. (getting old I guess) things just aren't as crisp close up as they used to be. No picture here.

Training- have really done very much, and I am starting to figure out why. Usually I plan on doing an Olympic in May, but I just really have not been to excited about it, so that has hampered my training. The weekend of the Olympic, they also have a sprint race that my bride is doing, it will be her first triathlon, so I am really more excited to support her while she races than for me to actually race. If you have read this blog before, then you know I never want to just complete a race, I want to compete, but I feel like this Olympic would just be me completing it. I have nothing motivating me to run, so I am now leaning to not racing it at all. I still have my eyes set on a HIM in Sept (Goosepond Triathlon), then a half marathon in December (St Jude) and then I am going to prepare to kick Brad's butt at Redman 140.6 in 2015.

I am also working with a running group at our church. There are about 50 new runners that I am leading through a devotion/running program to get them across the finish line of their first 5K. I love this, I mean I really get motivated from seeing them work for 12 weeks and then cross that finish line.


  1. "More people are out and more people wanna steal thing" Not something you normally hear in blogs. :-) I assume your a police officer (if not that would be a completely random comment). :-)


    1. LOL Kevin! I work security for a major retailer and I have all the stores in Memphis and Nashville, so we do waht we can to keep the merchandise on the shelf!

  2. 5 min plank!! Like it! Well so so missing training (of any kind) right now! Pretty sure that in a couple of months riding into a head wind I will feel differently....

    Keep going strong sir!!

    1. Any day I hate riding into a headwind! You just need to heal up brother!


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