Thursday, March 13, 2014

So What Do I want out of 2104?

That is a very good question actually and probably on that many of you have already answered, like back in January. Well, it is really a simple answer. It is a short list

  • I want to lean up and be in great shape.
  • I want to race Memphis in May under 2:40
  • I want to run the Goosepond Half Iron Distance under 5:45
  • I want to run the St Jude Marathon under 4:28 (hang with me, I will explain the time)

  • So let's break these points down, go alittle deeper.

    Leaning up and being in great shape, well I am heading down that path. As you know (if you read this blog) I have been working with a trainer for the last 7 weeks. This morning we did an assessment and compared numbers to 7 weeks ago. I HAVE LOST ONE POUND, and i am cool with that because I have lost almost 1% body fat, so I have lost fat and gained lean muscle. My bicep strength is up and even my flexibility is better.  So I have decided to go another round.

    My best time at the Memphis in May Olympic Triathlon is 2:47. I always get caught up in the run because it is the boringest, hottest, longest 6.2 miles of my life. I hate the run, but I know I must run well to hit my mark. My goal has always been to hit that 10K under an hour and I have yet to do that. This is the year.

    Goosepond Half Iron distance under 5:45. My previous PR at the HIM distance is 6:09. I have always been on track to hit in the 5:40s but guess what? My run crashes on me, so that is my goal. I know that mentally it is doable!

    St Jude Marathon in under 4:28. That's a weird number you might be saying and I agree, but here is why I say 4:28. Oprah ran a marathon in 4:29:15! OPRAH!!!! I read an article on Runner's world that listed celebrity marathon times. My PR of 5:01 beats Katie Holmes and barely losing to Eddie Izzard! Pitiful when you put it in perspective IMO. Here are some other celebs and there marathon times:

    Al Gore                                               4:58:25
    Shia LaBeouf                                       4:35:31
    Sean Austin (RUDY)                            4:25:47
    Will Ferrell                                            3:56:12
    George W Bush                                    3:44:52

    Al Gore probably manipulated the internet since he did invent it, and everyone knows that Rudy was off-sides in the movie so his time is probably not legit. Will Ferrell beat my time? Are you serious??? Man, this is motivation for me, I should be faster than these people, especially Oprah!

    So that is what I will achieve in 2014!

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