Sunday, February 16, 2014

Random Thoughts Once Again...

Nothing better than a random though post whee there is no relation to any of these posts, they are just thoughts, or maybe little rants I be thinking...

  1. Kroger Cashier, please quit making conversations about the stuff I am buying. Yes, I like Black Cherry Kool-Aid and I am glad you like it also, but this does not bond us together, and while we are at it, Yes, I have a dog which really should not be a required question when ringing up my dog food.
  2. Winter Olympics- Meh, already over it. I do not like sports that are subjective to another persons opinions, meaning a judges score, and figure skating???  Don't get me started, this is the only way I will watch FIGURE SKATING!!
  3. The funk is here. I am in a running, swimming, biking funk. I don't want to do any of them.
  4. The Lego movie is worth it, I took the family to see it this weekend and I really enjoyed it. Batman was hilarious! ("The hairy one was a dude!"  best line in it!)
  5. I went to my 1st professional tennis tournament this week. My wife and I saw watched a doubles match and then a singles match. The doubles match went way to fast to watch the ball, so I am more of a singles match kind of guy. I did see Leyton Hewitt and Sam Querry play (I recognized those names). I do have a problem with going to a sporting event where you have to be quiet while they are playing, seems whack to me. I got shushed eating Skittles!
  6. My wife is going to compete in her first sprint triathlon this spring. So, for Valentine's Day I gave her a training plan (along with some candy). I can't wait to see her finish this race! My wife's love language is spending time together, which we got to get away a lot this week, it was fun. So no, I did not just give her a training plan!
  7. Cold weather, I am done with you. Memphis is not suppose to get as cold as it has gotten. I am ready for some heat!
  8. For Valentine's Day, my wife made me a fruit pizza instead of getting me candy. It was delicious! It had pineapples, strawberry, kiwi, blueberries and bananas. She also got me a gift certificate for a massage, which I can't wait to cash in.
  9. My next home project is going to be replacing garage doors. I am not taking on this project because I think new garage doors would look nice... Longer story involved.
  10. I have to sign up for some races. I think this is my motivation problem and I need to get over it. I am forcing myself to go outside and run today, but I now I am one bad excuse away or one interesting event on the Olympics from not going! Figure skating is on, so looks like running it is!
OK, I feel a little better. Now please hope that after writing this I do follow through and go out running.


  1. I'm over the cold weather also. I did enjoy watching the USA vs Russia hockey game thought. I have not been on the bike since November. The weather has been my excuse and I sticking to it.


  2. I'm not sure how it happened but I'm into curling now...

    Hope you break out of your funk soon...

  3. I've reached my limit on figure skating too. I just can't do it anymore. The curling people upset me. They seem so weird.

    You're an ironman. You're allowed to be in a funk as much and whenever you want.

  4. Why is it that cashiers feel the need to comment on purchases? It always blows my mind. You need to see the SNL skit with Kristin Wiig as the Target cashier. It's so perfect.


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