Sunday, February 16, 2014

Random Thoughts Once Again...

Nothing better than a random though post whee there is no relation to any of these posts, they are just thoughts, or maybe little rants I be thinking...

  1. Kroger Cashier, please quit making conversations about the stuff I am buying. Yes, I like Black Cherry Kool-Aid and I am glad you like it also, but this does not bond us together, and while we are at it, Yes, I have a dog which really should not be a required question when ringing up my dog food.
  2. Winter Olympics- Meh, already over it. I do not like sports that are subjective to another persons opinions, meaning a judges score, and figure skating???  Don't get me started, this is the only way I will watch FIGURE SKATING!!
  3. The funk is here. I am in a running, swimming, biking funk. I don't want to do any of them.
  4. The Lego movie is worth it, I took the family to see it this weekend and I really enjoyed it. Batman was hilarious! ("The hairy one was a dude!"  best line in it!)
  5. I went to my 1st professional tennis tournament this week. My wife and I saw watched a doubles match and then a singles match. The doubles match went way to fast to watch the ball, so I am more of a singles match kind of guy. I did see Leyton Hewitt and Sam Querry play (I recognized those names). I do have a problem with going to a sporting event where you have to be quiet while they are playing, seems whack to me. I got shushed eating Skittles!
  6. My wife is going to compete in her first sprint triathlon this spring. So, for Valentine's Day I gave her a training plan (along with some candy). I can't wait to see her finish this race! My wife's love language is spending time together, which we got to get away a lot this week, it was fun. So no, I did not just give her a training plan!
  7. Cold weather, I am done with you. Memphis is not suppose to get as cold as it has gotten. I am ready for some heat!
  8. For Valentine's Day, my wife made me a fruit pizza instead of getting me candy. It was delicious! It had pineapples, strawberry, kiwi, blueberries and bananas. She also got me a gift certificate for a massage, which I can't wait to cash in.
  9. My next home project is going to be replacing garage doors. I am not taking on this project because I think new garage doors would look nice... Longer story involved.
  10. I have to sign up for some races. I think this is my motivation problem and I need to get over it. I am forcing myself to go outside and run today, but I now I am one bad excuse away or one interesting event on the Olympics from not going! Figure skating is on, so looks like running it is!
OK, I feel a little better. Now please hope that after writing this I do follow through and go out running.