Thursday, January 30, 2014


I am UN-balanced. So I have been working out with my trainer Leigh for almost 3 weeks so far. We have done some really good work and I am starting to feel stronger already. The one thing I have learned about myself is that I am unbalanced. What I mean is that I am definitely stronger, or more stable, on my left leg than I am on my right leg. I have also found that I do not have a lot of stability in my ankles, which surprised me. I figured with all the running you do as a triathlete, your ankles would be strong. Mine are not. I can tell that when we do exercises on the Bosu ball, I am shaking and really having to focus to not fall off, especially on my right foot. My left foot is a lot easier to stand on.

I played basketball all my life and I was always a left footed jumper, so it does really surprise me that the left leg is stronger. Although, if I were going to kick Macklemore in the butt, I would use my right foot, cause that’s my butt kicking foot. So I am anxious to see if I can balance out my strength, how is it going to affect my run and biking. (and then I can kick him with either leg)

I can already tell a difference in my swimming, especially my core. It feels like I have better balance in the water, which can only translate to a better swimming technique, which should lead to faster swims. The things we are doing are benefitting me more than last year and me trying to do thousands of crunches.

My weight has dropped a few pounds, but it fluctuates. I guess I should stop weighing myself as much as I do, but I am ready to lose a few more pounds. Gain muscle, lose fat, so it is possible that I will not lose much weight, but I will just lose fat, which would be good right? So it would balance out right? I still would like to be back around 180 for Memphis in May, which is May 18th.

So January has basically been all about building my base back. A long layoff has set me back quite a bit, bit slowly and surely the flame has been lit. I admit it has been a slow burn, but I am starting to look forward to my swims, bikes and runs. I only wish the weather would cooperate, usually in Memphis, I could be outside running, but these temps in the teens and below suck. So look out February, March, April and May, Here I come, stronger than ever.

SuperBowl Pick- I have to go with the Seahawks on this one. I like them and I am ready to see a smaller city team win it. I am tired of the same teams winning it every year. Plus “cheaty Petey” was an undergrad coach for my HOGS at one point, so I am going with the Seahawks 27-17.

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  1. You are going to do great!
    Good choice with the Seahawks :p


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