Sunday, July 14, 2013

Recovery Week Blues? You Ever Get Them?

Sometimes I do not get myself. I feel like I am so focused on my goal of Ironman, yet it also seems so far away. For instance, I am in a recovery week this week, which ends tomorrow, and I have no desire to go on my run. I set everything out, I even got out of bed, but as I came downstairs, I was not there mentally. Not even close, so I made me a good breakfast, and sat down to type this out to figure what my deal is.

Now I know I JUST BLOGGED about not hearing the voices in my head, but this is different to me because half of me want to go running like I should, the other half doesn't. The other day I posted on my Daily Trainings FB page that I was supposed to does a 2.7 mile run, but my first thought was "2.7? Why bother?" Yeah, I was that guy!

I know rest/recovery weeks are important, but I wonder if they throw me off. I wonder if anyone else has these issues with the recovery weeks during their training. So, I Goggled it!  (You can find everything on Google! A biddy and I replaced a fuel pump on our van yesterday following a YouTube video!)

Anyways here is a good article I found that says what I need:

So I get the recovery part. What I am NOT quite getting (or maybe what I am not quite appreciating) is how downright terrible I feel during recovery weeks. I can barely make it out of bed in the mornings and I feel lethargic, sleepy, and puny the rest of the time. I ache and hurt to the point that I think I may be injured and I even experience moments where I feel feverish and think I am getting sick. I run three miles and can barely knock out a 9:30 pace all the while feeling like I'm dragging a bag of bricks behind me. I should have tons of energy. I should feel great and invigorated, strong, and super why don't I?

The answer is simple. Once again, my poor body is trying to recuperate from the heinous beating it has taken for the past three weeks. I am on the razor's edge of overtraining and my body is in shut down mode, so expecting to feel great and invigorated is like telling someone who is recovering the day after surgery that he should feel great and invigorated. It is always during recovery weeks that I begin to have self doubts. Too much free time and feeling like dog doo is a deadly combination for triathletes; it is when we are at our most dangerous. We begin to question our training and goals and then before we know it, we start tweaking our programs and screw up everything with our training. I find that I constantly have to reassure myself that feeling beat-up during a recovery week means one thing: IT'S WORKING! I usually don't appreciate my recovery week until it is over and I am already halfway through my new build week. That is usually when I suddenly notice just how good I am feeling and realize, "Oh, I get the point now!" So, take full advantage of your recovery week; while your body might not seem to appreciate it at the time, it will thank you come race day! 

So Thank You Google! I have been working on a post about looking at my training one workout at a time so I do not get that overwhelmed feeling, because this journey has been a rollercoaster of a ride so far! It is so funny to me how I can go from being confident to being scared straight about a race I know I am not going to even come close to winning.

About the only thing I can say about today is that at least I got out of bed and had a nice quiet breakfast. Tomorrow is going to be a great swim day!


  1. P.S. I am going running this afternoon! No pity party for me!

  2. Recovery weeks were brutal for me during IM training. I'm just throwing that out there so you know you aren't alone.

    1. Thanks, I kind of look at them like crazy taper weeks!

  3. I go through this. I just hate that no one really ever talks about the mental part of training for an Ironman which seems more difficult to me than the physical. The lows of not getting out of bed and running before work seem so low but then the highs of a great long bike ride are so high. I just want a happy medium.


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