Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One Workout At A Time...

That is the way I am approaching Redman 140.6. I am not really going to focus on my week's workouts, because frankly, that wears me out just thinking about it. Lately I have only been looking for the next day to plan out my workouts and it has been good. Good for me physically and mentally! I am finding out that that there is more mental involved than most people tell you about.

It has been hard trying to find time to get everything in. Even some mornings when I feel like I wake up early enough to run or swim, it turns out that other commitments have me cutting things short. And that is frustrating. Since when is getting out on the road at 5:45 to run, not early enough to get in your miles? It just happens that my long runs are scheduled to happen on Sundays. As you know, I live in Memphis and it gets very hot during the day, so my only alternative is to either run early morning or treadmill it. There is no way I want to treadmill it for over 10 miles. I also place a high value on going to church on Sunday mornings, which starts at 8AM, so I need to be done running by 7AM to get ready and to help the kids get ready for church. So, I can foresee my running starting at 5AM in the near future. Which is nothing to look forward too!

One Day at a Time...

It is not hard for me to get early anymore, but it is a hard balance between getting to bed on time and getting up early. Sometimes I ride at night, usually after the kids go to bed, so it is normally after 9PM.  so riding for two hours and then getting up at 5AM to run is not good. No Bueno!!! So I have to be smart and plan it out somewhat, but planning out my week does not work for me.

July and August need to be strong months for me. I need to start hitting 4 hour rides, 3 hour runs and 90 minutes swims. Everytime I start to get worried about the race, I can look at the calendar and know I have enough time to get where I will will finish, but I have to take it one workout at a time!

***Since it has been awhile since I posted a video, here is a good motivational video:

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  1. I wish there were an "easy" button, don't you? HAHAHA. I go through this too. I have three kids, just like you and sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. I beat myself up pretty bad over cutting some workouts short but sometimes the kids need to be fed or driven somewhere and it just has to be them first. Both yesterday AND today I was supposed to wake up at 5 for my runs but I woke up 4 DAYS last week at 5 am to get my long runs in and this week I want to sleep in and do my workouts at night...but, like you, I can't really get started till dinner is over, etc. Last night, I came home, ran 7 on the treadmill while watching a movie, then took a break for a few hours, then hopped on the bike for an hour. 2 hours a day during the week is as good as it's gonna get, maybe 2.5 but then on the weekend I'll do one long day and take the other off. It's all tiring, especially since we work full-time as well.


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