Monday, May 6, 2013

Zoggs Winner!! And Tapering Thoughts

This morning I tallied up how many entries each person got and then numbered them 1 through whatever. I then went to the random number generator and had the computer come up with a number and the number that was matched to the list was deemed the winner! The computer spit out number 12 and that number matched:

Bradleyd3 from Texas!

I know Brad is fixin (ain't that the way they talk in Texas?) to run Ironman Texas in 12 days! Congrats Brad, and best of luck to you on the Ironman, I know you are ready and will have a great race!! Plus I will be able to know his time when I do mine, therefore giving me my time goal! LOL Thanks to Zoggs goggles and everyone who entered the drawing! 

As far as my next race, well it is 13 days away as of today. How do I feel about it? Uncertain.I feel like I know I will finish the race. I am not worried about the distance. I am not worried about the swim. I am just worried about my time. I really want to go sub 2:45 this year, and I think I can do it, but the unknown factor is my bike. True, I have logged over 40 hours riding my bike, or about 700 miles on it, but those have all been trainer rides. I am hoping that my bike speed will be faster once I am on the road, but part of me wonders. Does 90 minutes on the trainer really equal 90 minutes? Or does that equal more since I am constantly pedaling? Will it help me ride harder?  My goal time on the bike is 1:11 for 25 miles. In 2010, I did the bike in 1:18 2011, I did the mileage in 1:14, in 2012 I did it in 1:12:41, so a 1:11 or faster is in my future.

The real key to me having a good race will be the run. The 10K has to be under an hour. Simple as that. I have a goal of 56:30 for the 10K, which is achievable. I know I can go faster than 56 on a 10K, but after the swim and bike, this is will help me reach my goal. My wife put it in perspective for me when we were talking about this and she said to remember this is a warmup for Redman, your big race, so don't worry about the time. Which is good advice, but I want to always improve. the 1st time I ever did the MIM Tri, I finished at 3:56, and that was 4 years ago. Anything in the 2:40 range will be great, but sub 2:45 will be better!


  1. Personally, I think there is a difference between indoor fit vs outdoor fit. And usually the first outdoor ride of the year shows it. The muscles are not use to the added friction, weather, hills, etc. But that only last 1 or 2 rides, maybe you can get out for a quick ride before the race, just to get the feel of the outdoors again

    1. I do have a plan to get out this weekend and ride and just see how it feels. Thanks

  2. WOO-HOOO!!!!! And thanks for the kind words.

    I've done most of my training inside too. Getting out this weekend and also a random volume ride. Nothing major, just "road feel".

  3. From what I remember of this course last year, I had a headwind for the first half it seemed and then when we turned around and headed back to the resort, it was a GREAT tailwind and I was able to make up tons of time. I averaged 16 mph on the way out and 22 on the way back. BIG difference. Wait till you see the swim. I still laugh at how many times I stood up in the water. There was one part so shallow that most everyone had to walk through it in the water. Last year was warmer though. The run is dead flat like the bike but it was 90+ last year I think, hot, hot hot. Only 6 miles, YOU GOT THIS. I think you'll get what you want time wise. :)

    I can't believe Brad one. Such a sad day for goggles.

  4. I love Olympic Tris! They are such a perfect length, and you're going to do so great. I agree with BDD about the trainer vs. actual road fitness, but I think any time in the saddle really helps. You're going to be great!

  5. Honestly I feel like you (I) get a lot more work done inside on the trainer than out on the road (considering you're not just zoning out the whole ride) So long as you do/have ridden outside enough for it not to feel foreign. Go out, ride smart, run hard, and enjoy the sub 2:45!


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