Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ironman vs iron distance finisher???

Since my announcement of my registering for my first Iron distance race, I have gotten a lot of support, which I appreciate. Many of you seem more confident than I am about my ability! But there is always one comment that gets you isn't there? And I sure you can guess what that comment could be...

Well, it's not an Ironman, it's an iron distance, so you can't call yourself an Ironman...

I have heard this argument before and read about it on many a triathlon forums, but I have never had a dog in this fight before. To me, the Ironman is a a race that is 2.4, 112, and 26.2. I understand about the brand and all that, but I do not care. I will still call myself an Ironman after I cross the finish line at Redman!

And I will always choose to focus on the positive, supportive comments instead of the one hater out there, because we all know haters are gonna hate!

What do you drink when not training?

That's a lot of sugar!

I saw this the other day and thought it was interesting. Nothing really surprised me either, I mean we all know how good an ice cold Mountain Dew tastes on a hot day, so it can't be good for you right? I have really been drinking a lot more water this month. I will still have a coke sometime throughout the day, but now my main drink is water. Red Bull is something I have never drank because I think it tastes like crap. Chocolate milk is still my recovery drink though.


  1. Don't worry about it man, you'll still just call yourself James!

  2. I say you can call yourself Ironman James! To the hater that said that, dude if your mom didn't teach you manners, if you don't have something nice to say just don't say it. Thank you!

  3. You can call yourself an ironman with a small i :-). Just kidding, call yourself whatever you want.

  4. I would just call you badass - anyone who finishes 140.6 definitely is that! Ignore the haters - that is what we should all do. I have pretty much only been drinking water (with the occassional cup of juice with breakfast) since Lent started. I really miss my daily Coke(s). But I know it was a good thing to do to support my daughter (who was also giving up soda) and for myself (though my weight hasn't been going down). Good for you to drink more water though!

  5. The key word is "finisher" and it matter most what you call yourself. After all, who are you doing this for?

  6. I am sure the founding fathers of the race is disappointed how it has become. One the back of the orginal race packet, it said "swim 2.4 miles, bike 112, run 26.2, brag for the rest of your life" To me, according to the founder of the race, you will be an Ironman

  7. I like that you brought this up. When I considered doing my first full, I took a good look at many other branded races that weren't IM. To me, Ironman is the distance and not a brand. You just find what fits you best and go with it!


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