Saturday, January 19, 2013

Slow Your Roll Bike Cruiser!

The LAPD recently gave a ticket to a cyclist on a bike path. Thanks to a helmet camera, the whole incident was caught on tape. Here is the story from

This video was posted after Thanksgiving weekend when a guy in Venice California was ticketed for speeding on a bike path. Basically, the rider complained to the officer that he was blocking the bike path, after he complained, the officer pulled him over and ticketed him! And did you see that speed demon of a machine he was on?

Now I know many of us "cyclists" would be bragging on our blogs if we ever got a speeding ticket on our bikes! And to be fair, the LAPD did cancel out the ticket so there is no fine, but c'mon, in the video he says he is getting a ticket because he is arguing with the officer. As someone who gets to work with law enforcement all the time, I often tell people to be cool with cops when they arrive and to not be a jerk. This cop went too far in my opinion. I wonder if he know about the helmet camera?

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