Monday, January 21, 2013

I Do Not Have A Catchy Title.

I have been feeling pretty lazy lately.

My grandfather passed away early last week and the family made a whirlwind trip to go to the funeral on Thursday and Friday. We drove over 700 miles in 2 days, and that time in the car does not include the hour we spent at a McDonalds in Atkins Arkansas trying to get the mini van swagger wagon started! So we spent about 12+ hours in the car.

My last good solid workout was Thursday before we left. I did a 1000 yd swim in 18 and change then I followed that up with a 4 miles run in under 35 minutes. (Then I sent a trash talking video text to Brad D at Brad's Ironman Journey, because he has been sending me mean video texts, so I had to fire back!!) Then I sat in the car for hours and hours it seemed. Sitting in a car seat for an extended period of time always stiffens my joints up! So I have not been to fired up about doing any training.

Even today at my teams basketball game (I am coaching my son's 12-13 year old team), I was wearing my Ironman Branson 70.3 shirt for some motivation. One of the refs called me over and started asking me questions about doing IM races. Usually that fires me up, but for some reason, I was still unmotivated. And I am down 5 pounds since Christmas! What gives??

Well, I don't drink, but other than that...
I finally told my bride that I know what I need to motivate me.I need to sign up for my Olympic race. I spend the money, then I know I will train harder. That's the way it works isn't it? Is that true motivation? I am not sure that is the thing that would motivate me, the spending of money, but more of a deadline. So, maybe when I am officially entered into the race, it will light a fire under my butt. Or maybe the driving wore on me more than I thought. I do have a 5K trail race tomorrow I am going to run, so maybe that race will get my juices flowing again. I just know it is way to early for me to be thinking of missing workouts already!!!

NOW WAIT JUST A SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wrote this post on Saturday night, and Sunday after church, I did run the Winter Off Road Series 5K at Stanky Creek. A nice little trail run that I hit a new PR!!!!  25:51 on the trails! I am so stoked about that, an 8:20 pace through the woods!!!!  That placed me 15/42 in my Age Group and 95/499 Overall. For the overall series, I am in 14/58 place in my age group! Funny how things work out, but I am over that pity party and ready to train!!!!!


  1. That Brad guy's blog rocks. Seems like a really cool dude.

    Do Work, bro....make it happen.

    $$$$ is my motivator. I sign up, I don't want to waste the cash.

    Also....catchy titles are a must. Try harder next time.

    1. not having a catchy title IS the catchy title! get it????

  2. Racing (and the money associated with it) is a great motivator. Since I don't really "race" most of my races, I'm not above using them as supported training. Whatever gets me out the door. If it is $15-$25 for 5K - better than me sitting on the couch. Way to go on the PR! YAY!

    1. Thanks! I think I like the training better than the racing, but I also like seeing results!

  3. Sorry about your grandfather.

    Congrats on the PR! I've noticed you have been having some speedy training runs.

    1. Thanks Mike! You know what they say? 'You ride for show, run for dough!"

  4. congrats on your PR trail run!!! :)

  5. Sorry to hear about your grandfather

    Congrats on the PR


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