Friday, December 7, 2012

St Jude Memphis Marathon in Pictures

I am the guy that buys pictures from the website! They had about 40 pictures of me, and I love me some me, so I had to buy them all. Some are good, most are not, but here is the race in picture form.

Early on in the race, running with a friend of mine down Beale Street
The famous Memphis Pyramid in the background

Running through Overton Park

I looked focused don't I?

Back down Beale Street, I actually like this picture!

More pics on Beale Street

Getting closer to the end, cramping badly

Less than a mile to go...

I can see the finish line, hobbling due to cramps!

Cramp caught on tape!

I was in serious pain trying to get there...
Beautiful! I love the medal!

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  1. Pretty good pics. I've found that very few of mine are ever that good and in general photo and video of yourself rarely makes you look as cool as you think you look.


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