Sunday, December 9, 2012

City Jogging Makes You Dumb!

Yeah, someone actually did a study saying that running in an urban area can make you dumber.on this. A Belgium study recently reported that people who run in an urban areas, and regularly exercise outdoors have higher levels of inflammation and lower scores on cognitive tests than those who exercise outside in the suburbs.

Now to complete this study, they tested 2 groups: a group of 15 that were in an urban area and a group of 9 that were in a rural environment. They alternated the groups walking and running three times a week from noon until 1 PM over 12 weeks. Then they tested the subjects on their response time and attention span. SO what did they find???

High levels of air pollution in the city areas are not good for you. DUH!!!

This groundbreaking study learned that exercising in an area full of pollution can cause inflammation to your brain and can cause you to not gain exercise induced benefits like brain plasticity, comprehension and mental health. So thanks to the Belgium's, we now know that running in exhaust fumes is not good for you thinker!

So not only do they notify the world of this problem, but they also give well thought out solutions! Here is what they recommend:
  • Brave the wind and rain cause it will keep bad particles from blowing around
  • Avoid rush hour
  • Head to a park
Now, I only blog about this article because who does not know this already? Who does not know to not run behind exhaust fumes? I wonder how much of a grant they got to fund this groundbreaking research?? So, with that research finally going public, I am going to also give you some Daily Training's groundbreaking tips on how to not to get dumb while exercising...
  1. Do not run into things.
  2. Do not run with your eyes closed.
  3. Do not run on the Interstate.
  4. Do not run across an intersection without looking for cars.
  5. Do not hold your breath while running.
  6. Do not run in a hurricane
  7. Do not run downhill if chased by a Grizzly bear! (yeah, that downhill thing is a myth)
So there are my top 7 "Do Not Do While Running or It Will Make You Dumb" tips. I am sure I left some things off my list, so please, let me know if I missed any!


  1. You missed "don't pee into the wind" when you need a nature break while running :-).

  2. Haha - this sort of explains why my sister in Boston, who runs ALL THE TIME, gets lost running near her house on a regular basis.

  3. Don't trail run barefoot

    Don't stare at the sun while running

    If it's hot, hydrate

    Never take a laxative and do sprints

  4. I didnt need to run a study to tell you that!!

    1. My point exactly! I need some of this grant money to conduct my own pointless research!


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