Monday, December 31, 2012

My New Toys, Timex IM Global Trainer and Brooks Shoes!

Santa was good to me this year, as he always seems to be. It also seems that Santa is an endurance athlete, probably a Clydesdale, based on what he brought me. I got two triathlon specific gifts that will be used a lot in training this year.I got a new Timex Global IM Trainer and a new pair of Brooks Glycerin's! Sweet huh?


This GPS/HR monitor watch is awesome. I have barely been able to tap into everything it can do for me, but there is a lot of data it will collect. I had been looking for a new GPS for awhile because my Garmin 205 would suddenly shut off on me in the middle of my run. I also wanted a HR monitor, and the 205 does not come with one, so I was having to wear a separate HR device on my other arm. That looked dorky. So I did a lot of research on different watches and the Timex IM Global Trainer seemed to have everything I wanted at an affordable price. The only concerns I had about it was that there were some early reports that it took awhile for the satellites to acquire, but recent reports said this issue was taken care of, and I have not had any issues on the runs I have done with it. It seems to acquire satellites as quick as my 205 did.

I am still learning everything it can do and also learning the Training Peaks website, which is where you can upload all your workouts. So I am still in the learning phase, but so far, I love it. It is waterproof, so I can swim in it and I can't wait to do that once it warms up. I will definitely blog more about this as I learn how to best use this tool for my training.

Pretty aren't they? I have been a part of the Brooks Fanatics group for going on 3 years now and I love my Brooks shoes. There have been several different shoes that I have used (Pure Cadence, Adrenaline and Glycerin), but the Glycerin is my favorite shoe.It just seems to fit my foot and running style the best.  It seems like I am going through about three pairs of running shoes a season, usually putting about 300 miles on a pair of shoes before I retire them. Is there anything better than a new pair of running shoes to start a new season? I didn't think so!

I will soon finish up my race schedule for 2013 and begin training again. I admit that I have been missing it and I am looking forward to starting. I have been doing some running and swimming, but that is mostly to fight off all the holiday food I engulfed!


  1. Yay on a generous Santa! He kind of forgot me this year compared to other years. I had really hoped for a GPS watch, but he doesn't think I need it apparently. Going to have to get new shoes soon myself. But I've been doing more trainer rides than running and haven't decided which shoes to get. Happy New Year and can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for you.

  2. I always wanted to try the Timex. I know friends who swear by it but I already have a Garmin. HNY!

  3. I was a test subject for the Adrenaline 13's over the summer.....great shoes.

    I keep switching between Muzino Wave Inspires and my Brooks.

    Love the Garmin too. I'm sporting a 210 now.

  4. I use the the Timex Global Trainer, I like it, I dont like that I can only use Training Peaks to download my workouts and that I need to buy the "premium services" for all the cool features of the watch. Overall its a good watch


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