Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cold Weather Bites!

I have many Love/Hate relationships in my endurance life. They are usually short lived, but they exist. Currently, I have a Love/Hate relationship with running in the cold weather. Yes, I know it is November, but I live in Memphis and we are normally in T-shirts up till Christmas, then January and February gets cold, we maybe have a day of snow, then its over. This cold weather in November is not cool!  (See what I did there???)

So, yesterday morning the temperature was in the 30's and I totally wussed out and hit the treadmill at the gym. I usually like to have a cold weather run policy and say anything below 30 is a treadmill run, so technically I should have been outside running. This morning, the temperatures were again in the mid 30's, however, I was prepared this time, so I headed out int he cold to get my run on.

Just a joke about being prepared!

I think that is the key to running in the cold. Being Prepared. This morning I wore running pants, a long sleeve body-fit turtle neck and a dry tech long sleeve shirt over that, cheap fabric gloves and my skull hat. I was totally fine. Most times I will wear arm warmers, but this day was a little too cold for just those. I could see my breath with every exhale, but I wasn't that cold. Normally, I have no idea of what to wear when it gets cold.  My problem is I either dress to warm or I do not dress warm enough! Today was the rare exception that I figured it right! In the summer, you can shed clothes, but the cooler temps are not the best time to go shirtless.

Here is another thing that I love about cold weather running. I feel very dedicated. I feel like I am out there for the right reasons. I like being that guy that the drivers see running while they are in their cars, bundled up with the heater on and a cup of coffee. I don;t care that no one else cares that I am running in the cold, I know they are thinking I am an idiot for being out there, but that is irrelevant.

The tough runs make us stronger, I have never had a race yet that has had perfect weather conditions. December 1st in Memphis could be 40 degrees, it could be 60 degrees, either way I will be ready. Friday is my last 20 mile run before I go into taper mode. I am getting excited for my race, and looking forward to the challenge.

So I want to make sure I am clear, do not let the cold temps keep you from running outside!


  1. Below 20 forces me inside. My run tonight was 36 - perfect for me.

    BTW: they don't think you are an idiot, they know deep down you are a badass

  2. Definitely "badass". My issue is that it is 30° in the morning and later evening when parental obligations "allow" for running, but 50-60 mid-day when work obligations make it difficult to get in a run. I hate having to bundle up when I know it is going to be nicer later/earlier in the day. And I totally over/under-dress. Rare to hit it spot on.


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