Monday, October 1, 2012

Giveaway Time! Endorphin Warrior Gear!

I am very happy to announce Daily Trainings 3rd Giveaway! While scrolling through some websites, I recently ran across the Endorphin Warrior website. Endorphin Warrior makes training jewelry that is simply awesome and inspirational. Their mission statement states it best:

"At Endorphin Warrior, our aim is to help you train, perform and live with greater strength of body and mind. We make products with positive and powerful messaging to wear while running, cycling, working out, sweating, racing - or all day long - to help you stay strong-minded and focused...and help you train harder, improve performance, overcome challenges, achieve your goals and live stronger."

There are so many items on the Endorphin Warrior website that I like. Dog tags, rings, pendants are just some of the items they have on their website and they all have inspirational messages on them. Keywords like persevere, unbreakable, relentless, fearless, conquer are just a few of the messages these items deliver to you. You can also get it personalized for whatever race you have coming up, whether it is a 13.1 marathon or a 140.6, you can even have the swim, bike, run tag on it. So when I saw these bracelets, I knew it was a fit for me. So I contacted Endorphin Warrior and asked about a giveaway for the blog and they graciously agreed!!!

The Endorphin Warrior Training bracelet is designed to be worn when running, biking or racing. There is a nickel plated metal tag (which will not rust or tarnish) riveted to a natural leather wristband with a snap closure for easy on and off access. It is available in 5 different sizes to accommodate women and men.

Mine came in the mail and I immediately took it out and started to wear it. I even went on a 12 mile run Saturday with it and loved it. It has been a topic of conversation also. I choose the keyword "Warrior" like the one pictured above. Not only is my triathlon team named the Warriors, it is also an attitude that I think fits the triathlete best. We are Warriors!

Also I received two different Warrior Wisdom's cards...

Number 1 says: "I love the feeling of my body in motion, muscular strength, exertion, the rhythm of movement, breathing deeply. I simply must experience this part of me."

Number 5 says: "During a run I often tune into another inner world. What occurs is a meshing of body, mind and spirit where I seem to gain a broader understanding of who I am."

So here is the giveaway! One lucky winner will win an Endorphin Warrior Training bracelet of your choice, with whatever keyword or phrase you want. Click on this link to see all the keywords available. All you have to do is the following:

  1. Be or become a follower of Daily Trainings (1 entry)
  2. Leave a comment on post about what your keyword would be (1 entry)
  3. Be a follower of Endorphin Warrior on FB (1 entry)
  4. Follow Endorphin Warrior on Twitter (1 entry)

This giveaway will end on Friday, October 5, 2012. 


  1. "TRANSCEND" is definitely what I'd pick :) * side note your site has a bug with your watch props log in every page view

    1. Thanks, I think I got it fixed now! I removed it! LOL

  2. Definitely BREATHE. Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself to take a deep breath and focus.

  3. I follow on Google Reader! Awesome giveaway!!!

  4. I am following Endorphin Warrior on Twitter.

  5. FOCUS is the one I would choose...side note it still asking for log in and the keyword link takes you to

  6. follower of Endorphin Warrior on FB

  7. follower of Endorphin Warrior on Twitter

  8. Wonderful and very motivating bands!! I love the wisdom cards. Very inspiring indeed!

  9. This is cool. I would have to choose Warrior as well. Because I am out there to push myself to the limits and become something more than I am. A Warrior shows no fear and takes risk for big gains. Anything that helps you improve no matter what is a good training tool. Would love to have one of those braclets.

    Shawn Mckinney

  10. The "authentication required" pop-up is still popping on every single page view.

  11. My keyword would be indestructible even though my body is far from it.

  12. I been a follower before the contest, just saying....

  13. I would pick "Believe", I feel it is the strongest word in our sport, with out, non of us would be a triathlete

  14. follower of Endorphin Warrior on FB

  15. follower Endorphin Warrior on Twitter


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