Monday, September 17, 2012

Marathon Training Plan...

I started my marathon training this morning.  Well, I should back up a bit, I planned out my marathon training last week and I started it today. I am hopping into the middle of a plan due to NashVegas last weekend, but since I was already doing 11 to 13 mile runs, it should not be that big of a deal to start midway.

When I woke up this morning, it was raining. I did not want to get out of bed, but I was also ready to start running again. I had only logged one mile since last weekend, so I knew I had plenty of time to recover. I also know that I have eaten like crap this past week. Whatever I wanted, I ate. I drank Dr. Peppers instead of water, I ate OREOS (double stuffed of course) and even went to Baskin Robbins! (They have this chocolate chip cookie dough sundae that is amazing!) And I stuffed myself on my wife's chili this weekend!  Chili dogs are great football food!

So anyways, I wake up this morning to rain. Now part of me says "screw it" get out there and run in the rain. Seems like most of my bigger distance races have been out in the rain, so why not. Channel my inner badassness and get out there. Which I almost did! But I thought it was only a 4 mile run today, so I could do this at they gym on the dreadmill. last thing I want is to get a cold and get sick, so the dreadmill won out.

But, I did get it done. It wasn't pretty at all though. It was awkward, like I had never run on one before. My ankle was hurting, my stomach was not cooperating (that's got to be the chili dogs, but they were soo good), and I really did not want to be on a treadmill. And it was also slow, but I got it done, and that is the important thing. Now I hope the rains move on out and I can get outside again soon.

My marathon plan has me running 4 days a week averaging between 30-35 miles a week. My longest run will be 20 miles and basically consists of Monday being short, Wednesday being medium, Thursday short and Saturday long. I also have some other road races thrown in the mix, so I should be good and ready come December. Plus I am working in some core work ( I know I say this a lot), but I really mean it. The goal to beat is 6:08:27. I am looking for somewhere closer to 5 hours or under!


  1. Way to overcome the excuses and get it done. I need to figure that part out as lately it just hasn't been happening.

    1. I have to get feet on floor before I consider my self up, but I have never regretted getting up early and training!


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