Monday, August 6, 2012

My Boys Rocked The BRC KIDS Triathlon!

This weekend, my two oldest boys completed the Bartlett Rec Kids Triathlon. This race consisted of a 400 yard pool swim, a 6 mile bike and a 1 mile run. It was alot of fun to watch them compete. They both did great. I was definitely a proud daddy watching them swim/bike/run. Jake is 12 (number 6) and Jared is 11 (number 24).

The swim was done in a pool with swimmers going off every 5 seconds, so it got a little clogged up about midway through. It was a serpentine swim, meaning the swimmers had to pass under the lane ropes, which made it hard for the ones that weren't as strong swimming. This was the only part I had concerns about, and it was not their swimming ability, but their swimming ability with tons of kids around!  They both did great and were soon on their way to the bike.

I messed up the camera shots of the bike, so I have no pictures to add, but they did great, especially considering that they were on their mountain bikes, and there bikes are heavy! So I know they both would have been faster if I had gotten them better bikes. If they love the sport like I do, then who knows, maybe next year they can have a better, faster bike.

The run was 1 mile. They boys had actually done a little bit of training and I knew they could handle the run. They took off like pros! Grabbing water, dumping it over there heads, they looked the part!
Jacob heading out on the run

Jared finishing up strong
Both my guys finished strong and finished with a smile. Jacob had a better time than Jared. Jared said he was not doing that again, but I think he will come around next year. Jacob actually finished 3rd in his Age Group! Afterwards they had games for all the kids and Jared won gift-cards for the cup-stacking contest and the Macarena! So we all had a great time. In about 3 weeks, Jesse (3 yrs old) will be doing his first triathlon! the Small Fry Tri! this consists of him running through a sprinkler, riding his tricycle and running! Definitely worthy of a blog post for sure!!

By the end of the year, everyone in my family will have completed a triathlon!
Emily reminding us that she is the only one to have won her triathlon this year!
Jesse in training for his Triathlon coming up!
Jake and I celebrating his 3rd place AG finish

Thanks for reading, my next post will be about my first ever double race!!


  1. Love that your kids are involved in the sport. so cool

    1. I am not sure which is more stressful, running a race or cheering on your kids doing a tri! lol

  2. Very cool! You should be very proud indeed. What a healthy, fun family thing to do.


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