Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Totals, Chick-Fil-A, and Salt Pills

So I was looking over my July totals the other day and I thought they would be pretty bad since I was gone on vacation the first 10 days of July. I know I ran while on vacation, but I was afraid the swim and bike would suffer as well. So here are my July totals:

Swim 6.05 miles       3:19:58
Bike   182 miles        9:59:57
Run    57.79 miles     9:23:51

After looking at this, I can say I am happy about my running mileage and I am feeling confident there. With my marathon sitting, waiting for my HIM to be completed, I feel like I really have got that good base built in for when I focus on 26.2.

My swim numbers were not that great, but a race was never won on the swim. I am still confident about my swim and have really surpassed last years total already. I am 90% sure my swim in the HIM will be wetsuit legal, so again, I am not too concerned about it

My bike mileage is something I am good with, I would have liked to hit over 200, but I didn't, no use in giving an excuse. The only thing I am concerned about is when I look at time spent riding. It is roughly the same amount of time I spent running. This is something I need to look at for the last month of training before NashVegas. I was hoping for a wider difference in time, but I am not real sure if that matters. I know I have ridden further than I did last year already and my bike workouts are more than just riding around. My bike split goal is to beat 3:55:48 (IM Branson time) which should be totally doable. So I need a solid month of biking in August (and I already missed my 1st bike this morning, guess I will be riding tonight!)


So today was Support Chick-Fil-A Day across America. All because the owner of CFA said he sees marriage being between a man and a woman. This is from a guy that closes his places down on Sunday so his employees can go to church. Why is his opinion such a surprise to everyone??? People are going nuts over this and calling for boycotts and others are calling for a day of support. So, today I went to CFA for lunch because I also believe in a man/woman marriage. I also believe that the owner has a right to voice his opinion however he wants and can say what he wants without fear of repercussion, and people can choose to not eat at his place if they decide not too. But for people to say that CFA is a bigoted, racist place and I have even had friends threaten to de-friend me on FB if I ate at CFA today, is ridiculous. But my beliefs are my beliefs.


Salt pills. How many of you use them? I have been hearing that I should b e using them and some think it is crazy that I don't already. I have never really had an issue with cramping during runs or bikes, so I am not sure what the benefits would be to me, so let me know you thoughts.


  1. We just got back from CFA, it was a madhouse. Cars lined up a quarter mile trying to get in. It took an hour to get our food.

    I have not been to a fast food restaurant in over 4 years.

    And I could care less about gay marriage one way or another. Really not an issue to me. What is an issue is when politicians try and take away ones right to state a belief. If Cathy feels this way he should be allowed to openly state his beliefs without fear of retribution from elected officials.

    I talked to a lot of people at the CFA today. A few shared Cathy's belief but many, many more were there to support the First Amendment Right of Free Speech and give Nanny Bloomberg and Murder City Mayor Emanuel a big middle finger. The overall message from the crowd was, "Don't Tread on Me" and STFU!

  2. I think anyone who wants to get married should be able to get married - doesn't impact or effect me at why care?? HOWEVER, I'm with you. I truly believe that everyone should be entitled to their own feelings and opinions on ANY matter as long as it doesn't go against the golden rule and/or law :)

    Great job on your millage. It took me 25 mins to swim 450 meters last night.....I was so slow

  3. I had never used salt pills until this year and I will preface this by saying it could be related to better training or other myriads of other things, but I have felt better on long bikes this year than I have ever felt. I try to take one salt tab for about every 20 miles biked. I sweat A LOT!And while I try to offset that with liquids, but I feel like the salt tabs add a bit more.This is the 3rd year that I have trained for the 140.6 distance, and it is also the first year that my legs have felt great after every ride.

    1. Where do you get them and what brand do you prefer?

    2. I order SaltStick tablets them from I don't know of anywhere in town that sells them. Amazon might even carry them. If you use, then use code ilovetrizone and it gets you 15% off.

  4. I use succeed s-caps but haven't figured out the right frequency yet and I'm not consistent with them.


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