Monday, August 20, 2012


I signed up. I finally signed up for the half Ironman I have been training for since March.(And just so we are clear, it is a half iron distance race, not a branded Ironman race, but I don't care, I am still calling it my HIM). Now I do not know why I wait so long to register. I knew I was going to do it for a long time already.

The worst thing I could think of was doing all the training and being ready and then not being able to register.And doing a lot of training I have been doing. It seems like I am more tired this time around than I was last year when training for Branson. My mileage is up over last year on my bike and swim and I feel stronger. These past couple of weeks have given me a lot of confidence. I have about 2 more weeks of training, then it is taper time!

So I have really been thinking about what I have done different this year as compared to last year. I have come up with several things:

  • Getting up at 4:30 AM to get in my training. So much of this summer has gotten me out of bed early to fit in the miles, either due to the heat or because I need the time to get it all done.
  • I have done a lot more riding on my trainer this year than in the past.
  • Speedwork on the treadmill.
  • I have been paying attention to my diet, I am actually about 10lbs lighter than I was last year.
  • Water, water water. I have not stopped drinking cokes, but I do not have one everyday.
  • PR's!!  I have had more personal records this year than ever!
  • Dumping the Garmin and iPod. I still will carry the iPod on longer runs and might use it late in the run, but it is no longer a necessity.
  • Sleeping more
So overall, I am happy with where I am training wise. I think I am so much stronger than I was last year going into this distance. Last weekends 52 mile ride and 12.3 mile run felt good, and what is better than that, is I felt good after the run, which is more important to me. I am more physically tired than I was last year, but I think that is totally normal. I am on track to have my biggest mileage month ever on both the run and bike (my pool has been closed for the last 2 weeks), but after the taper, I feel confident in beating Branson's time.


  1. Congrats on pulling the trigger and signing up for your race. Which race is it?

    Congrats on the weightless, PRs, and getting more sleep too! You've had a great year so far.

    1. Thanks Mike, and thanks for all the insight and supportive comments you have made on this blog!

  2. Replies
    1. NashVegas Half Iron distance Tri in Ashland City TN, just outside Nashville.


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