Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thoughts While Running Naked...

I am back from vacation and trying to get back into the swing of things. It's tough! I think I could live on the beach and train, but I would go broke! So anyways, we had a great time while we were gone. While gone I had a lot of time to think while I ran on the beach in my Speedo trying to tan my cheeks  since my stupid iPod died, and I am going to lower the intelligence level and let you know what rolls around inside my head while running and throughout the day, be prepared, it ain't pretty.

  1. I think I have seen to many reality TV shows on "gators" because everytime I ran by a wooded area, brush pile or anything capable of hiding a gator, I expected one to jump out at me.I would formulate a game-plan while running so I never would make the news.
  2. At the beach, there are always a lot of people trying to play catch on the beach. It should be called playing throw because not one person could catch anything (except me and my son). They all had a beer in their hand that they could not be set down which  limited their movements, and every guy made throws like he was Joe Montana in the pocket.
  3. Their should be a bikini weight appropriateness scale on bikini wearers, just say'n.
  4. I always wondered where I would end up if I started swimming into the ocean and never stopped until I hit land, where would I be then?
  5. I want to organize a mystery race. I would market it as being a race that can be anywhere from 3 to 7 miles long, depending on how I feel that day. So you can take off as fast as you want, but you might blow up, you might not...
  6. I read an article that Kobe Bryant said the 2012 Olympic basketball team would beat the original 1992 dream Team if they played a game- Whatever!!
  7. I am picking up my first Tri kit soon, it is going to look awesome and I will add some pics later.
  8. I am really wanting a new GPS watch, but this time I want to add a HR monitor to it. Any ideas?
  9. My wife and I saw The Amazing Spiderman while we were in Florida and I am still unsure if I like the                 one with Toby McGuire in it better. I wanted to see Magic Mike
  10. I am ready for the Olympics to start, but I am only interested in the sports that do not have judges, you either beat someone or you don't. None of this judges scores determining the gold!
See point #6 Sorry USA TEAM 2012, Never would happen!


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  1. I love the beach too. I had an iPod die at the beach 2 years ago. I think the humidity is rough on them.


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