Tuesday, July 3, 2012

LEGOLAND & 2 Lessons I Learned While on Vacation

Not quite a trainer ride, but I did get to pedal...
Yesterday we went to Legoland Florida! It was a very cool park. It is mainly aimed for kids 3-13, but it had enough "big boy" rides as my older boys called them, to make it fun for us all. They had several roller coasters that we all had a great time on and Jesse got to ride his first roller coaster. In his words, "it was awesome". We also got to see a pretty cool water ski show and ride the helicopters! The main point was to have fun, and like I said, we spent the whole day there and had a blast. One other thing I need to mention about Legoland is that they had miniature cities built out of Legos. Daytona Speedway, Las Vegas, and Washington DC were just a few of the places built, it was very cool.

Now, what lesson did I learn this week?
  1. I like to run naked. OK, quit laughing, I am not talking about running naked naked. What I mean is this; My iPod died earlier this week (and I know I charged it up before I left), and then my Garmin died. So I was forced to run without either of them. Turns out, I haven't really missed them at all. So it has been fun actually running just to run. I still map out and I know how far I am going, but not having music in my ear had been a good thing. I think I can hold a better pace without music, maybe it is because the tempo of the music changes or what, but I am liking it.
  2. I like pedicures! Yes I like them. My wife asked me to go get one today with her, so I said sure. I mean who does not like a good foot rub? It was a little weird for me, cause I had no idea what she was doing, but when she started with the calve/foot massage, me likey!

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  1. I've run without the equipment before and it is so freeing. Can't do it all the time, though. Never had a pedicure.


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