Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vacaition Recap Days 1-3

So far, we are on day 4 on our vacation. We left the inferno known as Memphis on Wednesday for the beaches of Florida. New Symrna Beach to be exact! When we arrived on Wednesday afternoon as Tropical Storm Debby was just leaving to the Atlantic, so it made the ocean pretty rough that afternoon. The kids were still dying to get in the ocean, so we did head down to the beach, and it was rough!

Thursday was a beautiful day. I actually got up and did a little run that morning along the beach. Here is the back stretch of my run from our condo balcony.

We followed up on Thursday night with a great shrimp boil! I will definately need to do mreo running if I keepo eating like this!

Friday was a beach day in the morning then the Daytona Flea market in the afternoon. I love the flea market! I go there for three things. First is sunglasses. The market is filled with knock-off sunglasses! I love sunglasses, so I always buy 4-5 pairs while I am there, usually ends up costing me about $20.

Second thing is candy!  They have a huge area of candy to buy. Hot Tamales, gummy worms, skittles, you name it, they have it!

Third is fruit and produce!  Fresh, fresh, freashhhh!  Pineapples, banannas, watermelons, cantalopes, mushrooms, peppers... you name it, we bought it fresh! Awesome stuff!

So that is the recap from day 1-3. Today, I will be working on my tan again. I already knowcked out a 3 mile run this morning, with my bride joining me (#awesome). I plan on keeping up with my swim and run workouts, but it will be tough to get any biking in, unless I go to the fitness center to ride a bike. See ya!

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  1. Looks beautiful! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!


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