Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Tried to Tell You...

I did.

I remember saying it, over and over and over. Go here to see for yourself!

In 2012, I am Bringing it!!!

This morning, I surpassed all of 2011's swim totals and it is only June. In 2011, I swam 84,992 yards or roughly 48.29 miles. After my morning swim, I have reached 85,695 yards swam in 2012. That is 48.69 miles.  And I still have more to go.

This is one of the places where I BRING IT...
Consider it brought...
Consider that this is just the beginning...

Also you might be interested in knowing that by next week, my 2011 bike totals will go down as well.


Is it any wonder I am seeing better times in my swim and bike???  I thinks it says that I am Bringing on the bike as well!  I am on pace to crush all my training volume from last year and I am seeing the benefit of swimming/biking/riding more. Funny how that works huh?

Also , I have not missed an early morning workout since I started my HIM plan either. That certainly sounds like someone is bringing it, does it not???

My focus is pinpoint accurate.  This bell has been rung, this train is movin down the tracks, full steam ahead! My diet has changed, my workouts have changed and my attitudes have changed since I started bringing it. You know what has changed since I first started to Bring IT?  My race times! Yeah, I have already like 5 PR's this year. Go ahead, look at my race schedule page and you will see a theme, a trend, A new PR theme and you see that new theme because why??? That's right, I'm Bringing it!

So let me ask you this. Are you bringing it on your workouts?? Are you fearing the hat???


  1. Seriously fearing the hat. Just don't show up to any races I'm at as I will be lost in your dust. Those training volumes are seriously impressive. Can't wait to watch as more of your PRs fall.

    1. What? There are other people at races? This season I have been so focused on running my race that I do not think I have even checked for the winning times! and Thanks, I hope to report more PR's as well!


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