Thursday, March 29, 2012

Things I Have A Love/Hate Relationship With...

I noticed that when I post a comment on another blog, it seems like a lot of the times it starts off with "I also have a love/hate relationship with..." So I figured I would just do a post about all the things I have a love/hate relationship with. This post has been in the making for a few days to make sure I didn't miss any.

Admit it, you either done or thought about it!

  1. Foam Rollers- I love the way my leg muscles feel after using the foam roller, but I know it is ALWAYS going to hurt.
  2. Waking up early- My morning workouts would be so much better if they were at a different time of day. Once I am up, I am good and I love the peaceful, quiet mornings, I just hate that they start so early.
  3. Dogs- In the yard playing fetch=love, being chased and barked at while running=hate em
  4. Ice Baths- Another aspect I know will make my leggs feel better, but man do I dread sitting in that cold water
  5. Reality TV-Survivor, Amazing Race and Celebrity Apprentice= love Jersey Shore, Springer, Dance Moms and the Kardashians=hate
  6. Soreness- I really do like waking up and feeling the soreness which means I had a good workout, but I hate the way it makes me walk like an old man until I get loosened up.
  7. Stretching- Hate to stretch before a run, love to stretch afterwards ( I know I should do both)
  8. Chiropractors- Love getting cracked, adjusted and stretched, hate having my neck adjusted, think I have seen to many Steven Segall movies to relax enough
  9. Treadmills- Love treadmills for interval workouts, hate them because its a treadmill!
  10. Trainer rides-I love the trainer, it gives me extra time in the day to allow me to ride, but again, its the trainer. I do not go anywhere.
  11. Race photos- I love having photographic images of my races, I hate that the race photographers all suck and can never get a decent shot of me
  12. Resolutionists-Love that hey help keep my gym dues down, but hate that they get in the way!  Yeah I said it, so what??
  13. The Stick- See Foam Roller
  14. Brick workouts- If you are reading this, you know why I love/hate them.
  15. Discussions on the best way to counts laps at the pool- I love that this is a forum favorite topic, I hate that people can;t figure out how to count 1, 2, 3, 6, 4, 8, 9, 7...
  16. SWAG bags- I love packet pickup and getting the swag bags and going through them and I hate how I am always disappointed, just a bag full of other races to do.
  17. Shaving- I love the way it makes my leggs look muscular and chiseled, hate that I shave my leg to begin with.
  18. Race Fees- I love hitting that submit button, know I am officially paid and registered, hate how expensive races are getting.
  19. Taco Bell- Yo quiero Taco Bell on non run days. Yo no quiero Taco Bell on afternoon run days.
  20. Toe nails- I love the "Badge of Honor" of losing a nail and then being classified as a runner, hate the way they turn purple and hang on forever!
So tell me, what have I missed?  What are some things you have a love hate relationship with? I could probably go on and on if I gave it enough thought, but I am sure I missed something!


  1. In general, I think we share many love/hate relationships. I'll add one: "Time in the Saddle": Love that I get better with more time in the saddle (plus the hilarious abbreviation); hate when my butt (and everything else) is sore and I didn't go as fast as I had hoped.

    1. Who doesn'y love T.I.T.S. (time in the saddle)????

  2. Agree with all of those. Also love/hate when people ask questions. Love the "oh wow you do a lot" hate the "oh that sounds like fun" Fun?!? Fun?!? Why don't you wake up at the butt crack of dawn and see how much fun you have lugging 220 lbs around pounding the pavement for an hour. Great update.

    1. True, I love to talk about races, but hate that it's all people want to talk to me about!


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