Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Time To Bring What I Brought...

One of the things I hate about New Years is resolutions, which is precisely why I have not not made any. Resolutions to me are things that sound like good goals to say for the benefit of other people, but you really have no intentions of doing those things. So why bother even writing them down?

My only goal is to "Bring It" in my workouts.  (previous post) I vowed to "Bring it" in every workout, so that it would be "bringable" on race day. And I have to say, I have been having some pretty strong workouts lately. I know it is early and I have only been in "Bringing it" mode for a week or two, but that dang post I wrote keeps popping up in my mind whenever I do not want to train. Those days when it is cold outside, or my schedule gets moved around, I still want to "bring it", because I said I would. It is sometimes a struggle to manage work, life, family, family, work and life and still try to be a well train, oiled machine. But they say, you make time for what is important to you. So, that means either early morning workouts, or late night workouts. I am still a husband and father first, and an age Grouper second.

So I think I have found a good schedule for me. It is an Olympic based training plan that has a balanced workout schedule, meaning I swim, bike and run three times a week. The 9th is a Monday.
Monday is a short swim, medium bike for me. The bike is usually a trainer ride right now due to it being dark early and all, but it works out for me.
Tuesday  is a  long swim. Mostly intervals, but always has a drill set in there (still loving the closed fist drill)
Wednesday Medium run, and this is a focus of mine, I have been adding repeats to this workout because I really want to get faster on the run portion.
Thursday is a medium swim and a short bike
Friday is my longest run.
Saturday is a long bike and short run
Sunday is rest day.

Some interesting things about this schedule:
  1. I find it weird to call a 7 mile run, my long run after my marathon training.
  2. I purposely decided to go run heavy on the back end of the week because I wanted to get used to running on tired legs.
  3. I did not intend to swim three times a week, however; the extra fitness should have me coming out of the water in better shape and not grasping for air.
  4. Once the weather gets nicer, the Saturday bike/run brick will benefit me alot.
  5. My resolve attitude has been totally different this year than any year in the past.
I really want under 2:45 this year at MIM. My previous best was 2:57, which was two years ago. Is 12 minutes faster to much to shoot for? I have never been very good at setting time goals in races before, but I honestly think I can go sub 2:45, which would be great for me. So, yeah, that's my goal, my resolution, my time to bring what I have brought! OK that makes no sense, but I am looking for good things to happen at MIM this year.


  1. Looks good. Remember MIM is subject to huge temperature variations. The run at Tunica could be a death march if the heat shows up this year. Your improved training should put you in a better placing in your AG, but depending on the heat you may or may not see time improvement. Look for improvement vs your peers, it's a better indicator of your improvement.

  2. I think it's good to set high goals. You'll have a better idea when you get close to the race if the goal is achievable, and you can change it at that point if you feel you need to.

  3. Anon is most definitely a spam comment - just remove it :)

    it sounds like you have some pretty great goals lined up and a solid training plan. I've never even done a marathon let alone a tri but it is apparently amazing and if you've already done one I think you could aim to shed 12 mins off.....but maybe just make getting PR your goal and your stretch goal is by 12 mins ;)


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