Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Drills and Repeats

So far, the first week of my training for Memphis in May Olympic Triathlon has gone really well. It felt good to get back on the bike again, I think the last time I rode was Ironman Branson 70.3!  So it has been awhile. Also I have bee hitting the pool more, with a plan!  I am not just swimming to get laps in anymore, I have a purpose, and same with my running. Before I had the mindset of running 5 miles because my plan said I should, now I am running the 5 miles with a goal set, meaning I want to get under a certain time. I have been doing alot of 1/2 mile repeats lately, and I am really liking them. I think they are actually kind of fun, and I expect to be a faster runner after doing these!

In the pool, I found a new drill!  Well, it is not new, but it is something I have never done before. Swimming with a closed fist. Yes, I look very awkward as I try to make my way to the wall and back swimming this way, but on that second lap, when I can swim freestyle, I feel like I am flying through the water! I feel like I am pushing myself through the water like a submarine firing a torpedo! So this is something I will continue to do.

Another thing I have added to my swims are vertical kicks in the deep end. I usually do these on days that require me to use a kickboard. Once down int he deep end of the pool, I hold the kickboard above my head and kick, trying to keep my head above water for one minute! I am using fins during this, but it gets hard. I feel it in my core too!

I understand that one can get to wrapped up in doing drills, but I think a drill or two every other workout really breaks up a long swim, and I think I will see massive results from the closed fist drill. I have also been told to do golf while swimming (swim stroke + time equals score), but I hate golf, so forget that.

So here is the question?  What are your favorite drills in the pool? I hate the fingertip drag drill!  But do you have others drills you do


  1. Catch up drill - like you are holding a pencil and switching it between hands on each stroke. Youtube has some good training videos on how to do it. Also do the catch up drill with a thumb brushing thigh to make sure you pull all the way through the stroke at the back. I do the fist drill like you mentioned here and feel like I am drowning some days.

  2. I loved catch up drill too, one arm drill is another favorite, and fingertip drill is another favorite.

    The way to survive the fist drill is to use your forearm as your "paddle"

    I miss swimming.

  3. I am just getting into drills, but I like the catch up and the pull buoy drills.

  4. When marathon training is over, I'm going to have FUN!

    Can't wait for Oly distance training again.


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