Friday, January 27, 2012

Missed Workout, Science Fair, and "Sick " Moves

One thing I was really wanting to complete this year was to stay on course with my training plan, which I basically mean, I did not want to miss any of the planned workouts. When I cross the finish line and I am celebrating my newest PR, I wanted to say "I trusted my plan and I hit every workout!" But that is not going to happen and I feel like crap about it.

I have to remember that this is a hobby for me and that I have other responsibilities I have to take care of, so there will be some days when I do not make a workout. Whether it is being in court all day or meetings that go long, sometimes it can;t be helped. Sometimes it is just a matter of running out of time. It happens and is going to happen so I might as well get over it.

I did however make up one of the workouts I was suppose to do yesterday, but it still bothers me. The reason for me missing was I got out of a meeting really late, and I had to coach my sons basketball team that night. So if I was going to hit the gym, then coach, I would not get home till after 8:30 PM and my wife does not like that, and neither do I. We have both had a tough week and it is all because of three of the most vile words ever known to parents:


I hate science, much less science projects. My son worked on Galvanic cells for his project. I would explain more about this, but I do not even understand it. His first pick was that he wanted to clone cabbage! Cabbage?  Out of everything in this world to clone, he picked cabbage???? We shot that down pretty quick. Last year we did the whole Mento in a 2 liter and watch the show project so the jump to Galvanic cells was epic major!

Which leads me to another topic. Jon, over at swicyclorun did a whole post on how the word epic "has jumped the sharktank" and should be retired. Not everything is "epic" and I agree with Jon. I would also like to add a word to be retired. The word sick being used as meaning "awesome". Do not say anything is sick unless they are actually sick. None of this ,"that run was sick" or the water was sick this morning on my swim". No more unless you are on the Jersey Shore. it really bugs me.

I hate cats, but it is all I could find, and my post gots to have pics!

I have a 5k trail run this Sunday. It will be my first run outside and not on a dreadmill in weeks, so we will see if all the dreadmill work has helped me in anyway. I am hoping to beat last years time and go 2 for 2 on PR'ing races this year!  Wouldn't that be cool, to be able to say I PR'd everything???  It could happen...


  1. Good luck with your trail race! I hope you get a "sick" PR! :)

  2. Good luck on your epic run! :-)

    It is frustrating to miss workouts but if it makes you feel any better, I miss one or two per week because life happens or I'm feeling lazy.

  3. I just came across you blog and like what you are writting about. I am also a husband, father and triathlete with a busy work schedule who wants to be the best husband father and triathlete I can be. I got a good laugh. Thanks!


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