Sunday, October 30, 2011

Random Thoughts on my 20 Miler...

Yesterday I did my first 20 mile run in preparation for the St Jude/Memphis Marathon in December, I was out running (and a little bit of walking) for over 4 hours. I went through 53 songs on my ipod! Anyways, you have a lot of time to think about things and I going to let you know what went through my head.
  1. 20 miles is a long way.
  2. I still prefer the original version of "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins and it gives me a nice pick up.
  3. Older people will not share the road as well as the younger drivers.
  4. I wish I had a sign above my head that read what mile I was on so I wouldn't think that drivers  think I am slacking.
  5. Crosswalk lights are way to fast.
  6. I saw 4 funeral processions on my run, that's alot.
  7. My turn around point was the Dunkin Donuts, ironic huh?
  8. Taco Bell started sounding really good at mile 9
  9. A 20 mile run is alot more fun after you have finished it.
  10. I am not that great at guestimating distances.
  11. I hate snakes, and alot of sticks laying in the grass can look alot like snakes!
  12. I think it is easier to think of long runs in time instead of distance. See point #10
  13. Nothing beats a good foot rub!
  14. At mile 7, I gave myself a high five cause I officially hit 100 miles for the month!
  15. Mile 14 was the toughest mile for some reason. it's further than a half marathon but still only half way on the full.
  16. According to this run, it is going to be tough to beat my time goal for the marathon.
  17. I will have to buy new shoes before December. I just got the current ones in late August.
  18. I really prefer to run in the morning, but I had stuff to do on Sat, so I didn't start until approximately 1:30 PM.
  19. Bite size Snickers fit perfectly in my fuel belt pocket and they taste so good!
  20. This was my longest run to date, and I was happy I finished all 20 miles.
This week will be a 23 mile week and then I have one more long run of 22 miles. My marathin is Dec 3, and I feel like I will be ready and finish, but I really want to finish strong, so I have lots of work to do! 

Thanks for reading!

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