Saturday, September 10, 2011

One Week Left...

I am one week out from the Rematch. I am calling it that because that is exactly how I am looking at it. Not worrying about time, not worrying about place, I am just out to finish this course. I am in that phase of my training where I start to wonder, "did I do enough?" I always get these thoughts in my head when it gets close to race time for some reason.

Today I already completed my wetsuit OWS. It felt good to get the wetsuit on again, I always feel like a superhero in that wetsuit! LOL. I really wanted to get in 1500 yds and just swim, turns out I averaged a 1:51 per 100 yards today and I didn't feel like I was pushing it, that is how much the wetsuit helps me!

I have a 4-5 mile run planned today and then I am doing a 10k tomorrow and then I officially go into taper mode.

I guess the one thing I am concerned about is the run. Typically, I am not a strong runner. I have really been focusing on letting the run come to me, not concentrating on my speed, and relaxing while running. None of these things are easy for me. In the past, I think I have been so concerned with starting off fast (fast for me), and when I could not hit the level I felt I should be at, it just frustrated me. I have also gone from speed to distance, so I am not as concerned with my pace as I am with my endurance.

I really want to run the entire 13.1 in Branson, but that may not happen. If I do not feel like it is going to work, then I will go to a 10 minute run, 1 minute walk type of pace for as long as I can, but I will definately be running when I run by my family!  LOL


  1. I'm sure the run will go well for you. It is pretty flat so you can just focus on that relaxed consistent pace. And sounds like you are ready for this revenge! You've got this!

  2. Good luck next week! Hopefully the weather will be nicer than last year.


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